“You’ll come with us, you goober,” Faye taps her forehead, pointing to her brain.  This looks hilarious as she’s still got the helmet above her head, just enough to show her face.  “If Paul’s mom can randomly come, I don’t see why an alumnus would be denied.  But, Kammy, my dear, dear sister, listen to me.  You’re afraid, and that’s okay.  What’s not okay is to let it control you.  When you let your fear control you, it blocks out the voice of truth speaking God’s peace to you.  When you can no longer hear the truth of God, all your barriers start to fall as you’ve lost your sense of direction.  But the moment you give all that to Jesus, He heals you.  So, while you’re still very ahead of the game, take your fear and sit him in the presence of Christ.  Watch what happens.”

    “Wow, girl,” Crystal says with a smile, “you’d think you’re the one graduating here.”  The girls hug and Kammy says, “Well, I guess this was the last time I travel as one of you students.  I’ll try not to ‘graduate’ before the actual ceremony begins in a few weeks, if you know what this overconfident goofball is trying to say, he he.”

    “He he, the fact you can foresee that ego wanting to rise up means a lot,” Faye commends her friend.  “Whether it’s in the next few weeks or twenty years from now, let’s you and me determine to give everything, including our failure, to God.  Okay?  Now, let’s go harass that other sister of ours.”

    Laughing as they tease about Gigi, the girls do a fist pump.  K.C. Cannon takes off, having finished her last field trip, but Faye stays behind for a second.  There was something in her locker she noticed, but wanted to see by herself.  As she returns to it and confirms that she’s all alone, she opens her locker door and reaches for a small gift attached to a little note.  She cautiously reads the paper, only containing nine words, and looks at the small container left with it.  Her heart begins to race, her eyes begin to water and in a wise moment of concealment, little Faye Worley lowers her helmet to hide the impending tears as she leans her head against the lockers and weeps intensely.  The words in the note read, “Because no one rocks it like my Hot Tot!!”  The present that came with it is perfume.  The scent is…


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