Within the next few hours, other friends make sure to say hello, including Queen Katie, Peter and Lullaby, the Mirror Girls, the Lyger Galaxy Kinleys we never visited, Angel Rocket and Red Fire, Angie and Raideena, J3, Ruly and Julie, Angel and her family, the Griffins and so many more!  I think it’s understood that every System Guard in existence is at this party, or at least most of them, I’m sure.  Whether it’s deaders that our class once visited or inhabitants from the current universe, our six teenagers are a multiversal sensation.  Maybe, one day, they’ll even have their own movie.

    And speaking of movies, or media in general, the stars singing today actually include Elena Beluu and Fiona Sakuro for once, thanks to what was said by Jo and Mercy during the trip today.  Who knew Elena Beluu could sing so well?  Other singers include the regulars of Harmony Jones, Choral Phileo, Cherry Salem and Twinlight Talia.  Talia’s new buddy that Greco mentioned earlier is here, as is Elena’s mom, with the Jugular System counterparts of the mother and daughter.  What fun it is to see these two sets singing together!  Oh, and that results in Keb getting pulled up on stage since she owns the music arena, having made tons of albums herself, and it’s her birthday.

    “Okay, guys,” she says, “I know y’all are being sweet, but it’s not muh birthday.  In fact, I want my adopted mom to come up and sing with us, too, since her birthday was the reason I chose this day to begin with.”  And so, the mother of Ant and Cici has the privilege of singing before all the System with the daughter she adopted and raised as her own.  That’s right; even though Keb found out where she came from, that will never change the fact that this lady is just as much her mother as Fiona is.  Ant’s status of still being Keb’s brother depends on his opinion of her cooking.  I’d say he’s safe…but then there’s Missy.

    At some point during the day, Duplica and her Gramps, AB, get to have a discussion regarding the origin of Ultimaxine.  Since all the villains were supposed to be dealt with, her presence casts some major doubts on the future stability of the new cosmos.

    “So, if I understand right,” says Ant as he rehearses what his descendant told him, “she came here from a counterpart storyboard to yours when she knew her universe was going to die out.”

    “That’s right,” Duplica assures him.

    “I have problems with this.  How is it she’s the only one to do this?  Why did she randomly tuck herself away in your universe for centuries and not try to kill you before the kids were ever even an issue?  For that matter, the other villains were still around, so she would’ve been better off getting help.  My point is that I feel like she would have gone evil before the Feast of Demons, and thus, she would’ve been present there.”

    “Well,” Duplica says, pulling one of Keb’s stunts, “maybe I did kill Cat and I just decided to let myself ‘die’ today so my cover would be even better before I’m ready to—” Duplica never finishes this thought as Astro Bomber stabs her in the gut with his System Sword.  Highly annoyed at how quickly he did this, she threatens to throw fruit punch in his face.  Nothing happens, however, since this is the real Cat, meaning there’s no reason for the sword to harm her.  “I didn’t feel like a long, drawn-out discussion on that possibility.  I’m sure you can take comfort in knowing you’ve been validated.”

    “At least ya didn’t stab me in the face.”  Cat rubs her stomach where the energy blade was, checking to make sure she wasn’t burned or had her armor messed up.  This is also the same girl who checks her fingernails while wearing gloves.

    “Like I was saying,” Gramps continues, “I know you are sporadic and immature sometimes, but when you want something badly enough, you have one of the most dangerous minds I know.  Your evil half, on the other hand, was so hasty and eager to let everyone know about her that she made some huge mistakes that cost her mortally.  I don’t think she was a Mirror.  No, she wouldn’t have had that kind of power.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I seriously question if that was really a genuine alternate of you, Cat.  I don’t know what she was, but she wasn’t a naturally born Duplica.  It’s possible she was a Techpac.”

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