“Hey, you’re Elfie!” Ent proclaims.  “Hi, I’m Elfie!” he adds for effect.

    “Hello, Elfie, I’m Elfie, he he!  I’ve heard quiet a lot about you.”  The adventurous young woman can see the spark of wonder in her fellow Elf’s eyes, so she is very happy to pass on her namesake to a rightful heir.

    “WHOA!” Gigi spontaneously erupts as her intended joke about her being Golmer makes her think twice about her current costume.  “YEAH!  You, Golmer, Elfie and Golmer, like Gigi, but as big and strong as Pac Derm.  Whooooa!  Another sign!”

    “Sign?  Did someone say sign?” Judy yells from across the crowd.

    “NO, JUDY!” several voices shout.

    “Just so you know,” Elfina says, “the suit that I wear has taken a new meaning for me, reminding me of what kind and compassionate friends I have, so you don’t have to worry about me having any more resentment, not that I did since I moved her, but I still want you to know that I’ve healed.”

    “That is very good to hear,” Ent says.  “It’s good to have such kind friends…even if they do make me question their sanity.  Just look at those freaks trying to look like us looking like them, ha ha!”

    Faye smiles, bumping her shoulder against Edge’s.  “I’m surprised they’d send such a bold message to us, Double-Edge, but I’m not about to tell them they should change, he he.  I like it.”

    “Well, in all fairness,” Edge figures, “we’re technically both dressed as they looked at a time they weren’t dating yet either, so I guess their support of our attire is subtly hinting to stay in character and keep away, ha ha!”

    “He he, I will totally oblige.” Faye then takes as big of a step as her smaller leg span can manage away from Elfie to exaggerate their already perfectly fine distance from one another, making everyone laugh at her sarcasm.

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