While the Rugs let their love for one another be known through their typical goofiness, the other couples go the simpler route of having their costumes coordinate.  Jocelyn and Darius Meyers go as King Rowan and Queen Mandy of Old Ruyngard.  Jo’s son and daughter-in-law go as Warner and Jackie, three generations later from the same storyline.  Marc and Mercy go as Missy’s sister and brother-in-law, with Marc taking advantage of his naturally shorter stature.  That just leaves Ally’s costume, which will require locating her first.

    “Hey, Faye,” Grace says as she looks at all the different outfits, “which one do you think is your mom?  I’d imagine she’d be here by now.”

    “Eh,” Faye says, more concerned with the nonsense approaching the girls, “I’ll hunt her down later.  It’s not like she’s going anywhere.  Look at what’s heading this way.  I think we should hide before our intelligence goes down, he he.”

    What is Little Miss Nightmare talking about?  AB is dressed as Ent, Missy is dressed as Faye and Cici is dressed as Gigi.  Missy explains, “Cat said you were dressing as us, so we decided to turn the tables, ha ha!”

    Gigi says, “But I’m dressed like an elephant.”

    Cici blows this off by saying, “Yeah, hon, but I know you’re really me on the inside.”

    “He he, I guess I am,” Gracie proudly affirms.

    “What are those two lazy bums supposed to be?” Faye points to Keb and Elzie dressed the same as they were earlier.  “I know it’s their—her(?)—birthday, but you’d think she’d still want to dress up.”

    Thinking of the “twins” hint of a conspiracy prank, Gracie goes into a state of cogitation as she ponders, “Maybe she’s been wearing a costume the entire time….”

    While Kebs makes her way over to the gang, we also see others approach, like Buck and Lara Shiloh, with Roxy and Yuri.  We see Brian and Proton Shiloh over to the left, talking with I.C. and Kimmy K.  With the main event being held outside near the center of all the sections of Juniper, groups from the Christian Music Arena and the Christmas section in Holiday Square have prepared special presentations, along with the dolphin choir.  All the greetings and laughs have the friends gravitating to where the action is.

    Along the way, Ti Chi is seen pulling someone with her in the direction of the teenagers.  Since this silly girl has her face covered, we’ll be nice and not traumatize her.

    “Say it!” Chi commands this friend.

    “Alright, alright, ha ha!  I’m Ina LVI.  Chi told me you guys were sad that I didn’t come with her to tell you my story.  I guess I should eventually work on my camera issues.”

    “Ina, what’s your hobby?” Ti asks.

    “Blah blah, and as a photographer, which side of the camera am I always on?” the girls defends.

    “True that,” Ti Chi responds, seeing the logic in this contradictory set of habits.

    “Well, it was nice to meet you, but I’m going to go over there now, he he, away from national fame.”  So, there goes the photographer afraid of being on TV.

    “I think I’ll go stalk her to see if it helps not having the cams nearby,” Kam says.

    “Well,” Faye replies, “considering they’re nano-cameras that can choose what to leave out, I’m surprised she doesn’t realize we just kept her hidden the whole time.  Then again, since she couldn’t see the lenses anywhere, it’s not like she’d know when they were on her.”

    “Isn’t she able to detect stuff like that?” Kammy asks.

    Still present, Ti Chi calls her friend out.  “Oh, she knew it was off her.  She’s just being a loser about it, ha ha!  We still love her though.”

    Oh, hey!  It’s a good thing the group hasn’t split up yet, because here comes a couple that everyone here will want to meet.

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