“Wait; you’re not suggesting what I think you are, are you?” Jo shouts while trying to rescue Ally.

    “Fine then, Abigail, let’s just be direct about it,” Duplica plainly states.  “You were bitter at me, blaming me for what you did to yourself, so you pretended to be on Juniper while you spent the day framing me because you’re too big of a chicken to do this out in the open.”

    “No, that’s not it at all,” Maxine says.  “Everything you love is everything that overshadows my life.  If you’re selected as the System Successor, it sheds light on my failure.  If you somehow have your whole family looked over, it’s still the picture-perfect household that I could never have.  Either way, I wanted to watch your husband and children die, knowing it was their perfect little Kitty Kat that was taking their lives.  But, now, I’ll just have to resort to having them die before your eyes.”

    This said, the machine that is holding Ally stops attacking the girls and rushes at Maxi with its arms held out, leaving it completely defenseless.  As the poor captive realizes what’s coming, all she can do is scream, “No!”  Before Duplica can do anything, Maxi drives her hand through the machine’s base, destroying it before Ally can escape its software.

    “Ally!!” Duplica screams as she understands her friend was just killed in front of them, and by her sister, no less.

    Once again, Faye’s attention is drawn to the fight above as she soon understands the life that’s just been taken.  She pauses, paying little attention to the bots around her.  “Well, then…I guess I’ll see you on Juniper this evening.”  Her attackers take advantage of her distracted state, only to find that this is a trap.  It is now time for Faye’s unbridled wrath to find its way into the hearts of these lifeless machines.  “Nightmare Syndrome…”  That is the name of her special attack.  However, seeing that these machines don’t have the same organic mind with which she can play, she simply corrupts their programming to give them artificial equivalents, overloading the simulated emotions of the machines to the point that hundreds explode for their crime against Ally.  “And that’s just the start,” Faye Worley declares.

    Seeing the anger of the teen below, Maxi boasts of her victory.  “Behold, sister!  That is the pain I will cause every last one of you until you ALL suffer for how you stole EVERYTHING from me.”

    “Oh, blah, blah, blah!” A new voice shouts from nearby.  “First, she impersonates you, and now, me?  What’s her story going to be next, it’s really your Elfie in disguise?!”

    “It’s about time you showed up, dweeb, I could only pretend to believe her for so long.”  The two sisters smile at their common adversary, eager to see her reaction, but to this, Maxi simply takes off her face guard to show her giddy smile at this challenge.

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