“Oh brother!” Faye is about to laugh at this buffoonery when she finally sees who crashed near them.

    “Baby, Mommy’s angry with you.”

    “Uh, so, you’ve said all day,” Ent answers cautiously.

    Ignoring this, Cat asks him, “What does Mommy say about her puzzles?”

    “Uh,” he responds, highly confused, “don’t do them?”

    “That’s right!” She says in an accusative voice.  “I’ve been tracking this creep all day, and I’m upset with you for beating me to it!  But incidentally, I’m very proud of you and sorry for scaring you.”

    Extremely relieved to know his own mother doesn’t hate his guts, Elfie admits to her, “Dad and Kammy were the ones who figured this out.”

    Turning back to him with a smile, Cat says, “Then I’m very proud of you for humility and honesty.  Oo!  Hi, future daughter!  I love you both.  Now, let’s go clear my good name!”  As the crazy cat detective goes to meet her revealed fraud, the two flabbergasted teens dwell on her greeting to Faye.

    “I’m not dating you.  Remember that.” Faye quickly flies away in a fit of giggles, but quickly rushes back to clarify, “I’m not dating you yet.  You’re all mine in a few months.”  Having cleared this up, she tries to fly away again, this time with more success, even if Elfie just catches up with her.

    Now that she is here, Duplica intends to make sure everyone is rescued from her clone’s mess as quickly as possible.  Meeting her double, she asks her, “Who are you and where did you come from, seeing how you can’t be from an alternate universe at this point?”

    “Come on, Cat,” says Maxine, “do you really see a look-alike and automatically assume they’re from another universe?  Look at the Galaxies now and you’ll see that any of them, being mini-universes themselves, can give birth to counterparts just like the old days.  OR maybe I’m not anything to do with you.  Like little Kammy said, you and Doug assume so much, thinking that everything revolves around you and your children when all you are is the second fiddle, the replacement who got replaced.  I had intended on unleashing the wrath of a dejected mother, but now I can release the fury of a neglected sister.”

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