Having completed the absorption process, the phantom allows Ally to communicate with her comrades.  “Guys, I’m sorry!  As soon as I find a way out of here, I’ll turn this tin can into Cat’s metal tombstone!  Yeah, ya hear that, Cathy?  You better let me out, because if I escape on my own, I’ll make sure YOU’RE the next to get trapped in one of these things!!”

    Seeing their best fighter gone, Doug decides he’ll handle Cat if the other two can focus on somehow getting Ally out of her prison.

    “You girls think we can free Ally while these gnats fly around?”  Doug asks.

    “We’re sure gonna’ try!” Jo and Mercy cheer.

    The game begins as Doug has a date with his wife he never once thought of.  With the hundreds of years they’ve spent together, Cat’s never acted, even in the slightest, in a way that gave Doug the impression that she felt this way towards everyone.  Sure, she’s a hothead and would be honest about losing her status, but Cat was a loving and supportive mom, fully understanding the truth that your identity is rooted in Christ, not in her job.  What happened to change all of this so quickly, or rather, when did she change?

    Down below, someone calls out to Faye that her mom’s been captured.  She looks up in a panic to see the remaining fighters up above and drops her shoulders.  After only a split nanosecond, Faye coldly says, “So she has.  She’ll be fine.”  The girl then continues to fight, not letting this upset her.

    Ent would console her, but a series of loud booms take everyone off guard, and as they all look above, a string of green blasts dances across the sky until its source is sent hurdling to the ground.

    “Elfie,” Faye says, “I think AB is here.  We should go help.”

    “That’s probably Missy, seeing how it’s a girl’s day and all,” this is meant as a serious evaluation, but the teens can’t help but turn this into a witty quip.

    “Now’s not the time for jokes, Entoni,” Faye scolds mockingly.

    “Okay, so then it’s obviously Judy Joker over there, now that you’ve said that.”

     Getting closer, Faye disagrees.  “I’m going to say it’s J3, just for that.”

    “Alright,” Ent says, “AB can understand us mistaking him for Missy, or even Cici, but I think Judy and J3 are pushing it.”

    “Oh, whatever,” Faye says, approaching the crater at a slightly slower rate than they’d planned, thanks to a phantom or two along the way, “our jokes are hilarious.  AB will take it as an honor to have me using him for comic relief.”

    “I’d consider it an honor if you took me anywhere,” Ent says, “within an appropriate setting, of course.”

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