Storyboard O, like his niece, is not happy with his earlier performance and is now ready to make up for it.  Whipping out one of his main attacks, Razor Chains, Owan does as Edge is doing and dismantles his mechanical opponents.  He is hit, however, by a stray beam in the leg, stunning him long enough for two of the phantoms to catch him in a clothesline.  He gets pummeled for a bit, but gets away without too much difficultly.  Taking a breath, he jumps back into action and gets a good rhythm going again, and soon, he is destroying phantoms again, and looking stylish doing it.  However, a blood-curdling scream from Jo quickly gets his attention, and this allows for a robot to grab him in a chokehold.

    “Owan, it’s just the phantoms mimicking your mom!” Faye says as she deactivates the enemy holding O.  “You’re doing good, but please be more careful so I don’t have to babysit you.”  With this, she flies off and starts tapping machine after machine, terminating them upon contact.  When she hears Owan asking why she can’t just do this to all of them, she yells back, “That’s what I’m doing, ya geek!  It’s not my fault I have to do it one at a time for all fifty million!!!  Also, I have to survive in the process, hoping they don’t update their systems along the way.”

    “Fair enough,” he says as he watches her zoom away.

    Miss Worley, however, sees this opportunity to have a date.  Why not?  Dropping beside her Elfie, she asks, “Hey, ya busy?  Can we dance together for a second?”

    “Sure!” he eagerly agrees.  “Pick a partner.”

    Hastily pointing to as many as possible, she says, “I pick that one.”

    “Aw, man,” Elf responds, “that only leaves me with forty to pick from.”

    “A family get-together?” Grace asks in a hopeful tone.

    “Always!” Faye eagerly accepts.  “You’re always our third-in-command, Gracie G.!  Now, let’s boogie!”  This signals the next round of attacks on the enemy that will help clear up the area before Faye continues to help other System Guards.

    Back above the clouds, Doug and the girls watch as their hopes of the combined strength being enough to quell Cat’s power now seem nonessential with Ally giving the girl a good match.  The only problem with this is the gang of phantoms joining in to help against Ally and the others.  Even though the group is fighting different opponents, they all still try to reason with Catherine to stop hurting her friends.

    “I have no friends!” she says.  “Don’t you pawns get that?!  Your queen no longer needs you!”

    “Is that what we were when we met?” Jo asks tearfully.

    “So, I was just a tool for you to use when you accused my masters of that very thing?” Mercy adds.  “You helped me and the other Solar Girls to see that we didn’t have to be slaves.  We could have friends and get away from that monstrous mime girl that controlled us.  Now, you’re telling me that you were just as much of a lying hypocrite?!”

    “What I told you girls was the truth,” Cat defends, “but that same truth was taken by MY masters and thrown in the dirt.  I mean nothing to them, and that’s all I have in my heart in return…nothing!”

    Jo replies, “What a blind fool you are to your own lessons, Cat!  We’ve visited System Guard after System Guard that was stuck in your exact situation, being forced to work for people far more malevolent than your leaders simply making a change in management.  Seriously?  Really, Cat?  Muse and Millennia, Avia, Ina LVI, they were all horribly abused and chose to follow God.  All you did was suffer a stupid demotion and you want to kill your own children?!  What kind of pitiful baby are you to throw away having WAY more than I’ll ever have just because you couldn’t have your egotistical little way?!”

    Before anything can be answered, however, all the talking is stopped as Ally J. screams in horror.  Everyone turns to check on her just in time to see her light up pure white as she digitizes into one of the phantoms.  Cat laughs hysterically and triumphally screams, “NOW, WHO’S THE LITTLE SISTER?!”  Thinking of this gleeful cheer, she jokes with herself, “Man, I really need to use that one when I catch Abbie.”

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