“Hardy har!  Wait, you are joking, right?”

    “Grrr!”  She says with a smile.  “So, what’s the plan, oh captain?”

    “Well,” he says, watching explosions in the distance, signifying the inclusion of other DW agents in this fight, “I say we get back there and help our friends.  Even if we don’t take out any machines, we can at least get the others out of any dangerous spots they may be in right now.”

    “Good idea!”  Faye says, taking his hand again, about to teleport.  “Elfie,” she says, “I know we’ll be okay.  I’m not worried at all.”  She smiles and takes him back to the battlefield.

    Up in the air, Doug faces his wife in fierce combat, along with Jo and Mercy.  There, the evil girl tauntingly thanks Doug for filling in for her.  “I must say that while the Viewfinder was my idea, I only got the inspiration from that little liar I let play with our son since they’re both going to die anyway.”

    “Cat, how sad are you?” Jo rages back.  “Not even the ideas for your own monsters are original.  You seriously need the help of a high schooler to make things like that?  And these phantoms are only copies of the troops Ultimax used.  HA!  You couldn’t even get the System to properly warn us about you like it did for the REAL Ultimate Maximum, so you had to tamper with history just to get the attention by yourself.  You see that?!  When you focus so much on how little you have, you end up giving away what’s actually in your hands!”

    “I don’t need you lecturing me, Miss Pretty Face!!” Maxine says, firing a barrage of attacks.  Jo does well to dodge these until Mercy succeeds in aiding her evasion of this assault.

    “Cat, I love you!  Why are you doing this to yourself?”  Doug is fighting alongside the others, but he’s using as little force as possible in hopes he can reason with his wife.

    “Don’t you get it, Doggy!  I never loved you!  I set this whole thing up the minute I knew I’d been betrayed.  Eh, I guess it’s not true that I never loved you.  It just died when you gave me faulty children.”

    “Yeah, well you need to learn some appreciation for what you’ve got, little sister!”  And with that, a big red boot—well, not too big.  Just the right feminine size—crashes into Catherine’s covered face.

    “Good to see you’re not busy for once,” Jo mocks.

    “As soon as I’m done with this, it’s back to the field!” Ally shoots back.

    “Cute, really cute!”  Thinking for a moment, Jo asks, “Wait, you’re serious, aren’t you?”

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