“Have you not heard my name whispered throughout all time and space?  As the little Kammy pointed out, you people are so thickheaded.  For the ancients, they were so masculine and patriarchal, they failed to see the possibility that I was a woman and foolishly believed that my forerunner was the end of all things.  But, as Grille wisely anticipated, the final chapter in your history does not belong to the Ultimate Machine, but to me…Ultimaxine!”

    So, it begins.  The war for humanity, Ancyro and every living thing has started, and it shall come by the hand of the System Successor.  As her Female Phantoms make their way to cleanse the planet of its inhabitants, the students have no choice but to fight their teacher and her new army.

    As Elfie encounters one of these machines, it calls out to him.  “Don’t worry; I know for a fact you’re not going to die.  I have seen your future.”

    “I don’t care what you’ve seen.  I’m going to put out your lights!” he remarks.  However, as he closes in for an attack, its visor acts as a screen to show the lifeform that is trapped within its digital world.  It is Entoni.  “What the worlds?!”

    “You see,” the machine explains, “we digitize our enemies and use them as a power source.  However, your mother will enjoy hearing your screams as you’re digitized so much that she’ll send you and Grace back in time to be the very machines that capture your old selves, dooming you to a cannibalistic eternality of digitizing yourselves while the rest of your friends will take YOUR place as her minions.”

    “Whatever,” Ent says.  “I don’t care if that’s what happens to me.  I’ll die doing what’s right.”

    “No, you dork!” Faye says, grabbing his hand.  “We die together!”  With this, she teleports them both away so they can gather their thoughts.

    “Ya know,” Ent says once they land somewhere far away, “not to complain, but I would’ve had peace of mind killing that particular machine to assure myself its origin story is a bunch of hooey.”

    Looking at him in annoyed clarity, she informs him, “Entoni, it was.  That thing was lying to mess with your head.  Besides, I can kill you now, if that changes history enough for you.”

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