“By the arrival of what, Baby?” Duplica has finally shown up.

    “Where the worlds have you been all day?!” Doug wants to know.

    “Oh, I’ve been around.  I’ve had so much to do, so many to recruit.  You should’ve called more often.”

    “Recruit?” Doug repeats, standing between her and the teens.  “Who have you been recruiting?  What happened to your suit?  The stars are gone and the green glow has faded from your hair.”

    “Ha ha!  I had about all I can take of the job for one day aaaaaaaand I’m no longer eligible to wear the glowing green crown.  I mean, why should I care about what I do if I still get what I want?”

    Gigi looks at something she doesn’t want to see.  “Mom, please don’t tell me you’d just give up, after all the lessons you’ve taught us.  Surely you believe them to be true.”

    “Sweetie,” Cat says, “I am very proud to have taught you every single one of those lessons.  So, how did your final exam go?”

    “Well,” Gigi starts.

    “I see,” Cat knows the answer. “That’s perfectly splendid as I have been thirsty to deliver your FINAL exam all day.  I just wanted to give you a little love note scattered across the galaxies so you’d understand why I chose this final test that I have in store for you.  Surely, you got all my hints.  Surely, you know what awaits you by now…right, my little Cici?”

    Not sure what to say, Elfer slowly walks forward to his mother, stops in front of her and looks into her eyes.  “Mom, I love you so much.  I want to turn around and let you take this anger out on me, since that’s what it’s all about, but you know I can’t do that.  I didn’t ask for anything that belongs to you, and if I could, I’d give it back, but you’re the one who taught me to be the kind of man I’m supposed to be, so I can’t disgrace you by throwing that all away just because you’ve had a bad day.”

    “Oh, but honey,” Duplica says, “I don’t necessarily want to kill you.  In fact, you and I are going to be cohosts for quite a loooooooong time, my little tot.”  Then, lifting up off the ground, Duplica removes all of the building that’s above her head, exposing the cafeteria to the open blue sky.  “Yes!  That’s exactly what I want, to expose you to the unrestrained Sky!  I’m done being Dupli-Cat.  I think it’s time to show you what I’ve been hinting at from the very first trip all those years ago!!”

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