While the others start to argue about this remark, Doug tries to stay focused as he reads on.  “This information is a surprisingly recent entry.  Elfie’s been around since 2010, but the date on this entry is from the past year.  Kamron, can you tell me what that means.”

    Now in a borderline rage as her sarcastic jab has started a thing, she asks to hear the information one more time.  With this read again to her, she thinks aloud, “For the information to be added this year, that implies these facts were only recently learned.  For her to be around at that time, I would think she lived long enough to retire on Ruyngard and is now in the Drawing Board, so she had plenty of time to express…”  Kammy’s brilliant and understanding mind is starting to see why this information is so fresh, and the testimonies of Ti Chi and the others makes it very clear what two bosses would have gotten this information.  “She wouldn’t have told anyone.  For all that time, she would’ve claimed her colors were in admiration for her heroes, or maybe she’d say it was like the great Lara Shiloh.  Why would she admit it was a reminder of resentment against her leaders?”

    Kammy’s foolish assumptions break her heart.  “I’m still a child, Mr. Rug.  I see it now.  Elfie hid her pain.  For all that time, she refused to admit how she felt and took that to her grave.  However, with such a great new life in the Drawing Board, she felt comfortable enough to admit how she once felt while alive, and as soon as AB and Missy found out, they rushed to her and, probably to this very second, have done nothing but avidly work to make sure that poor girl knows that she’s just as important as everyone else and that she’s not forgotten.  This entry is a testimony to how AB and his friends have grown over time, recognizing their past mistakes, or even just misunderstandings, and going out of their way to ensure no one feels like they’ve simply been replaced.  Even if one’s location and job is changed, they are still just as unique and important.  And that is a lesson I guarantee Elfie firmly believes now.  I’m going to ask her when we get to the party today.  Forget about Allure.”

    Smiling, Faye says, “Oh, you know that girl’s been swarmed by a million hugs by now.  A few more won’t hurt though!”

    “Kammy,” Doug says to the girl.  As she looks at him, he tells her, “Elfie wasn’t replaced by the story of AB and Missy getting married.  Her story was stopped because…because…”

    “Yes?” Kammy asks, looking at him funny.

    “Jo…Mercy…The story…of ELFIE…was cut short…by the arrival…”  Doug is breathing heavily.  While Jocelyn doesn’t know the details of the information being given, her general knowledge of history tells her heart to stop beating.  She looks at Mercy, and this shorter girl, even less versed in these things can still get the message that a terrible, terrible thing is about to enter this peaceful universe.

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