“Why, that clever little clown…” Doug can’t believe it.  Elfie looks exactly look an amalgamation of everything Judy Joker was trying to say earlier.

    “Elfie looks like Kinley and Purlie?” Mercy wonders.

    “Well,” Jo answers, “Mckinley and Purlie are both Lyrenians, presumably from SBX with Prince Emakin.  It’d make sense if one of the girls had an XI counterpart.”

    “And she started dressing like Lara Shiloh,” Mercy notices, “wack!”

    “Not so simple,” Doug advises, noticing the colors on the suit.  “I could be wrong, but I think that’s actually similar to the design Missy had after marrying AB.”

    Faye hears this and tries to ignore what comes to mind, but in following Kammy’s lead, she decides to turn this anxiety into a profitable question.  “Mr. Doug, with her having the colors of both AB and Missy, and yet such an odd connection to Lara Shiloh, is it possible she was an Ancyro?  If so, would that make her a cybernetic human and thus an Ultimate Machine candidate?”

    “No, dear,” Rug frankly denies, “Elfie was just a human from Germany on XI Earth.  Her intended story came right before AB and Missy were married while some others, like Bud and Champ, Gallant and Princess Sheruda, the fighter Reo and a group of forgotten superheroes all had their stories happen after that matrimonial fact.  However, unlike these others that ended because, honestly, they were boring, Elfie’s adventure was cut short by something more important on the rise.”

    “Again,” Kammy snaps, “replace by AB and Missy.”

    “Cool your jets, Cannon,” Doug says with a wave of the hand.  “That’s not what happened.  Elfie and Golmer lived in Medieval Germany and were going to see the village sage when the two friends were sucked into the future under dire circumstances.  There, they learned their home was imaginary, as were the two Germans, and that this was all a part of the System Guards’ side stories, all of which were being put on hold for something that was on the way.  While Elfie maintained her composure on the outside, the damage done within drove trauma deep into her heart and mind.  In a matter of seconds, she was abducted by strange beings in this bizarre tube and was told she doesn’t really exist.  She’s just a fairy tale, and her story wasn’t even that important anyway.  Yes, Kammy, she wore those colors of AB and Missy to remind herself of who replaced her, and even though she wasn’t related to the Ancyro, she gained a strong fascination for them because she saw a kindred spirit in a race of artificial beings.”

    Sighing, intentionally big, Kammy laments, “And so, she died knowing the truth that we’re all subservient to the mighty dynasty of AB, Missy and Keb.”

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