Someone else has been putting the pieces together as well, but has come to a very different conclusion.  Kamron Crystal Meyers voices her passionate opinion.  “Mr. Rug, I don’t mean to sound argumentative, but I keep hearing how Lady Duplica did this with Keb and that with Cici, hiding this info about that character, and we keep meeting folks with cancelled appointments, but you’re only hearing so many names in that extensive list.  You’re not talking to your computer about Keb or Cici, but about some character nobody even knows.  Like you said, CICI, the big ‘Woooo, exciting compassion,’ would have been a dull retracing of the same trail that even she blatantly said she hates rewalking, but it was a side character that made it interesting.  It wasn’t Ti Chi that broke our hearts, but Ina LVI.  Same with last year, how it was Lexy and Muse and other lesser-known System Guards that were focused on.

    “And did you mention the Scarpocalypse?  No, sir, you didn’t.  And did you remember the amazing contrast with the XI Scars?  No, sir, you didn’t.  Angel and Simon have nothing to do with Grace and Cici, or with Duplica.  What I’m trying to say is that maybe you and your family, whom I love very much, are so focused on the same few ancestors, that you’re blinded to the fact the System wants to talk about everyone, and for that matter, the biggest, most important clues staring you in the face right now might completely go unnoticed because you can’t see anything but this one subject.  For all you know, sir, the past few years of travel might have been the System trying to tell you all something about the history of K.C. Cannon, if you’d just open your eyes to see me as I am.  Who knows?  So, yeah, I think it’s possible Lady Duplica did lose her cool, but it’s not over her precious Elfie and Gigi, but over the realization that you guys aren’t the center of attention, and that may have been a belittling thought that she was not ready to handle, given everything we’ve just heard from Lady Abbie.  I’m sorry if that makes you angry or is offensive, but I have to at least express that possibility in an honest fashion…and why won’t anyone tell me what happened to Destiny Allure?”

    Doug watches the girl’s mannerisms, signaling her intense apprehension about saying something so scathing to the man about his family, and even though some of what she said did sting a little, he understands the wisdom in this young woman.  He waits on that image, walks over to her and holds out his hand, preparing to forego the typical handshake that he’d begun using in the other galaxies in favor of the Dogwood wrist shake I mentioned earlier.  As he smirks watching Kammy timidly join the wrist shake, Doug says to her, “Kammy, this is your last year, and I hate to say that your final trip is behind you, but what I just heard from you shows that you are very ready to graduate and become an official System Guard.  As your substitute teacher, please allow me the honor of being the first to shake your wrist and accept you as one of us.  I know you can be hot-headed, but don’t ever be ashamed of doing what God tells you to do, even if you could work on your tact a bit.  I’m proud of you.”  This being done, the gesture completes and the mystery is further investigated.  Now, let’s look at Elfie XI.

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