“So, skipping to where I come in, I was born in the year XXII 940, and as I grew up, I learned that my name, Abigail Sky, was given to me because Astro Bomber wanted a female parallel character to take over for him.  He wanted a successor.  Yuppers, I think you know what I’m trying to say.  I was the original System Successor.  However, when I met Mikey, my parallel to Missy, we were very immature and, I regret to say, my son was soon born.  I had gotten so impatient with AB, feeling like everything he told me was irrationally beyond my reach, that in my frustration, I let down guards that I should have never dropped, and I ruined my life, and the life of my friend Mikey.  We got our hearts right, were married and took responsibility for our actions, but my selfishness had disqualified me from being the hero I was made to be.  For twenty years, I lived in defeat, trying to teach my son not to be like his loser mama.  I didn’t say it so depressingly, but that’s how it felt to me.  One day, my little brother was born, so I thought maybe the System Director had changed his mind and thought a guy would be a better choice, but then my brother grew up and just left our universe, seeing us all as wicked and unworthy of his attention.  Now that I’m an Infinite, I could easily find him, but I’d rather him want to find me.

    “Well, he left us in the year 998, but someone else showed up in the year 1000!  My mother gave birth to twins.  Sadly, one was stillborn, but that other child grew up and married this goofball to have you two lovely angels.  I’m talking about Cat.  She grew up and became what I could never be right as my husband died.  I was so sad to lose him, and to have my role given to my baby sister, but I was so happy for her that it was surprisingly easy to replace my sorrow with compassionate joy.  I mean, AB did say I could still be a System Guard.  I didn’t have to be the main officer to still be on the team.  I thanked him, and I do have a suit, but I had gotten too used to just chillin’, right, Mercy?  Heh heh!  I wanted to be Cat’s support, doing what I had been trying to do for her throughout her childhood, mentoring her as her big sister so that she could avoid the mistakes that I made, and I tell you what!  That girl is MY hero.  Well, as she graduated from the SG academy and married Doug, AB and Missy told me about some loser who had recently moved to the Juniper District that constantly wanted to send me messages.  So, I called my son and let him know I was moving to Juniper, which made him want to come along.  Now, Mikey and I are reunited, and our son is always so obsessed with adventures that it’s hard to ever keep that lovable moron still, he he he!  I hope Cat or Doug explained to you how PACs, not being human souls anyway, can handle death differently since we’re just data being transferred from one place to another.  Yeah.”

    Abbie is taken by surprise when both twins pull away from her, backing up to stand with the others.  They both applaud their aunt, prompting the others to do the same.  Cupping her hands over her face, Abigail asks, “Now, what this all about?”  The twins explain.

    “Aunt Abbie,” Gigi says, “What’s a System Guard’s main priority, besides the general task of keeping things clean?  Why do we have comics and stories to help make?”

    Smiling, she answers, “We are to let our lives be used to point the real-worlders, and each other, to God.  That is the purpose of every living thing.”

    Ent follows up with, “And who is the main System Guard that’s looking for a successor?”

    Chuckling, Ab says, “Astro Bomber, AB.”

    “And where does he live?” Gigi asks.

    “Why, he lives on Juniper, my dear,” Abbie sees where this is going.

    Ent summarizes, “So, a System Guard is to point others to God, and the main SG is AB and lives on Juniper.  Where do you live, Aunt Abbie?”

    With an embarrassed smile, she responds, “On Juniper.”

    Gigi’s next.  “And what’s your name?”


    Walking closer to his aunt, Elf asks her, “What are you doing?”

    Wiping a stray tear, she answers, “I’m pointing others to God, or trying to.  Thanks, Elf and Gigi.”

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