Chapter 11   Realization


    Doug watches the interaction between Ket and Ti Chi as they walk away and he is reminded of the Asteroid Sisters, Keb and Ci Ci.  With these two in mind, he turns to his class, specifically addressing his twins, and begins teaching his own lesson, his kids coming in closer as he talks.

    “You know, for all the universes out there before we combined them all, everyone thinks of AB’s love for Missy or his undying friendship with his little sister, but just as she did in their childhood, Cici often humbly stands in the shadows, allowing the others to run the show, and it is this servant’s heart that echoes throughout the storyboards as the tales of her equivalents are often overshadowed by those of Keb and Missy.  However, while Missy’s theme of love and Keb’s of friendship find their way into every universe, so does Cici’s.  Her irreplaceable lessons are those of forgiveness, compassion and bearing one another’s burden…a story of grace.”

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