“Well, you know what happened when AB showed up and found his friend’s descendants living like a bunch of self-righteous punks.  BOP!  He didn’t do anything mean, but he got everyone together and lectured them for being the creeps they were, disgracing poor Muse’s name.  Still, after this initial scolding, he lovingly worked with each individual person, helping them to overcome their struggles that caused them each to have such an attitude.  Of all those jerks, only one actually resisted such compassion.  Thus, she was left in our old storyboard while the others moved on.  However, after a lifetime of living for herself, she realized how empty she had been, seeing that her selfishness benefited no one.  She was near her deathbed when AB, having skipped ahead like a cheater, ha ha, talked to her, seeing how this time alone finally helped her to see her stupidity.  He then gave her a small gift of kindness, restoring her youth and allowing her to come live with the family she hadn’t seen in decades.  That’s the kind of people we work for.  AB understood that when he was at his worst, in his most disgusting moment in life, the love of Christ was without reserve for him, so he’s always wanted to share that with others.  Sometimes, I even feel like this is an extension of something the System Director himself had to learn, having lost a loved one or two because of his own selfishness, only to understand the compassion of Jesus Christ, something he wants to communicate to others.  Well, our cousins have MORE than gone out of their way to make up for all the horrible ways they treated my siblings and me, and now we all live here, very happily.  I’m a regular at the science lab while the others are still enjoying being together before they figure out what they all want to do in this new universe.”

    Ti Chi laughs and says, “That’s her loving way of saying the others are all too lazy to do anything.”

    “Well, maybe that did come to mind, he he,” Ket admits.

    “So, all of your problems started when your cousins let themselves get lifted up in pride, huh?” Faye contemplates if pride is yet another of her things to work on, in addition to fear and her temper.

    Kammy looks at her arm where Baby Z would be.  “They were so full of themselves because of their heritage and because of how stylish they were.  They took it too far instead of giving the glory to God and being willing to serve others.”

    “But they got up,” Ket inserts.  “They changed.”  Faye and Kammy both nod in hopeful confidence.

    Plopping herself in front of Ti Chi like a puppy, the playful Gigi says, “Okay, obvious Cici double, what’s your story?”  Gi then makes a bunch of cute faces.

    “Ha ha!  I can’t tell a story with you doing that,” she says, “but I don’t want you to stop, because you’re so cute.  I’ll just have to manage.  My tale is the tale of Juniper’s Angel Isle.  I think I’ll also include Ina from what became District 56 for a while.  Basically, our resort was its own storyboard when the SGs met us, and the Ina I speak of is from a universe where she had to fill in for AB who had died.  I can’t remember if he died during childhood or right as he met Ina, but either way, they didn’t get to spend much time together.  I’m pretty sure he’d already died long ago.  Anyway, back to Angel Isle.  So, you might know about our place, cool relaxation for weary SG’s, yah?  It’s run by Mikley Dove who is, as her name implies, from Kainos Ktisis.  She’s the MK Medley of the Doves.  You see, our AB also died young, so I was without a brother.  This meant Keb, or Fiona, didn’t find her way to us until later, but she showed up.  Mikley moved to our storyboard and helped us organize a place to cheer everyone up since our universe was rather dull and depressing.  Well, everything was okay, and then it got better when the System Guards found us.  AB was thrilled to meet yet another version of Cici and Keb, and he was very proud to see a version of Medley that proved herself to be such a good leader in hard times.

    “However, in talking to me about his Cici’s dark days during their childhood, he accidentally forced me into admitting I had committed a few crimes myself, using the resort as a hiding place from getting arrested.  My would-be brother wasn’t having that and lovingly encouraged me to at least start by telling him what I had done.”

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