While the class stands around, trying to be professional for the sake of the struggling substitute, voices can be heard approaching from down the hall as individuals start teleporting in, one by one.

    “I love giving your dad a hard time,” Faye whispers to Ent.  “He’s going to be a fun teacher today, even if he has to decipher Lady Duplica’s notes, he he.”

    “Yeah,” he quietly responds, “he’s not nearly as nervous as we’re kidding him to be.  Guess commanding a group of teens isn’t that different from a small squad of SGs.”

    As the voices get louder, teenagers light up as they recognize the people speaking.

    “Don’t mock my dress, Mercy.  It’s my day off, so if I want to be formal, I’m going to be formal.  I’ll be battle crazy tomorrow.”  The weird redhead speaking is Kammy Crystal’s mother July Tara.  Of course, we know the short girl she’s talking to.

    Mercy’s husband Marc speaks next.  “Isn’t it funny that you only wear your armor on days off while everyone else is a normal individual?”

    Flexing, Mercy says, “Yeah, because I work a real job while the rest of you knights go out and wrestle with dragons and red tape.”

    “Red tape?” Tara ain’t havin’ it.  “Mercy, you know what I’m going to get you for Christmas?  A notebook.  We’re going to teach you how to write, whether you like it or not.”

    “I know how to write.  I just don’t like to do it.”

    Soon, the parents are with their kids.  Mercy and Marc go to Paul with John Scott and July Tara next to them as Kammy is beside Paul.  That has Darius going to his son Owan, while Jo is standing by her fellow teacher until the opportunity of being with her family presents itself.

    “Ha ha, you three want to stand by me so you don’t feel left out?” Doug’s address includes Faye so she won’t feel discouraged about being the only one there without a parent.  While she does easily catch on to his intentions, she gleefully accepts the offer of being considered a Rug daughter, as that’s her future mission anyway.  Once everyone is settled, Doug gives a quick lesson about their home turf, having decided to just talk about it since they’ve got so much to do today, and this was probably Cat’s plan anyway since she didn’t have anything more written down then, “Start with G10.”

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