Very proud of this opportunity to spend the day with his family, Doug responds, “Indeed, I am, as soon as my lovely wife shows up.”

     “Doug, I’m so sorry I have to be the bad guy here, but Cat ran out the door, shoving this pathetic paper towel note into my hand to give you.  It looks like you’re the teacher for today.”  Having delivered the message, J. curtseys and says, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some of my own work to do, and I know I’ll get distracted if I’m the middle man between you two love birds.  But seriously, Doug, I know how much it meant to you, so I want you to know I’ll be praying that you guys have an awesome trip all the same, and that Cat will finish her new mission in time to join you all.  Seeya.”

    As Ally walks away, Doug looks at the note, voicing his obvious disappointment in the change of events.  He pulls out the schedule he already had, thanks to Cat’s earlier preparation, and compares this to the new schedule.  “Hmm, these two are annoyingly different.”

    Trying to lean in for a sneak peak of the lists, Jo pries, “what do they say?”

    Too busy to notice her, he carefully concludes, “Do what my wife told me to do originally…or do what she’s said to do while in a hurry?  I’m no rookie, I’ll do both and avoid getting yelled at for missing something!”  Doug no more than says this before three more faces present themselves before him.

    “Where’s your armor?” Jo asks the blue girl.

    Introduced as Karon, the woman answers, “I don’t think I ever got any, but I could be wrong, seeing that was a millennium ago.”  As Doug asks what these three girls are doing here, Jo tells him they were supposed to travel with the class.

    Mercy explains, “Cat had told us that since she was simply traveling around our own universe this year, she was going to visit all her friends and make a lesson out of it.  So, she invited the rest of her old team to tag along and relive our glory days of when Duplica had an adventure identical to Asteroid Boy’s from way long ago.”

    “My wife literally invited me to travel with the class, knowing she was just going to visit her girls throughout the galaxy?” Doug is not happy.  “And now, I’m the teacher for this nonsense?”

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