“Aww, I know what you did!” Ent says, moved by her sweet gesture.

    “Yep,” she responds with a nod, “but don’t judge me for sticking with AB and Missy’s colors.  Liking other people’s stuff doesn’t make me a copy.  I’m me, the real me, and not a fake.  Remember that.  Now, while the pink and the bow are for me, and muh boots, I used green and black from your suit for my colors here.  AND I used the white from your eyes, obviously not literally, to draw…” she pauses to see if he can guess.

    Indeed, he can.  “You used the white from my eyes to draw the stars on your outfit like from the classic Asteroid Boy and Millennia suits.  Wow!  That’s gorgeous, Faye.  YOU’RE…um…heh heh, you know.”

    Faye giggles, “You’re cute.  Okay, that’s enough flirting for the day.  We still have a year to go, and I only joked around with you so much because I could tell my lack of endearment was starting to get to you.  I hope I haven’t been going overboard.  I’m sorry if I’ve seemed cold.”

    “Nah,” Elf says as they approach the others, “you have done a good job of keeping our friendship as just that, so even if you do seem a little more serious at times, I love that because I know what a wonderful, responsible sidekick I’m going to have one day, and that’s exactly what I’ll need to keep me in line.  By the way, I just noticed the pigtails.  Is that because of Missy’s bodyguard Miss Mimi or Amy Scott or I.C. Mendez?

    “Yes,” is the ever-giggly answer, “I was hoping you’d say something about them.  I knew it was a good way to reference more than one SG, and Mimi is so underrated.”

    “We are such nerds.”

    “We’re a society of nerds,” Faye responds with a casual wave of the hand.

    As the two sit down, Owan informs them that they are just in time for what he’s about to ask Gigi.  “Okay, so you guys ready?” Everyone nods cautiously.  “So, Gi, Kammy and Paul’s a thing.  Double-Edge and Nightmare are a thing.  That leaves you and me, and since you kinda’ said something about it a few weeks ago, you think now is a good time before we start the trip to, uh, maybe make it a triple date?”  As sighs, the clearing of throats and such the like surround Owan, he rewords, “Maybe it can be a triple non-date for us non-daters, totally not dating until it’s official.  I think the more accurate term is we’re all ‘just talking.’”

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