Kammy and Paul are basically unchanged in attire upgrades, and the other two boys are waiting till they graduate and get their official SG armor to decide on any final themes.  That leaves us with the beautiful Faye Worley who approaches her non-boyfriend Ent to ask his opinion on her newest outfit.

    “Elfie Elf,” she says lovingly, her presence accompanied by the wonderful scent of bubblegum, as usual, “Do you like the leggings with the boots, or should I have made the entire lower layer suit one color so people won’t mistake this armor for a regular skirt and freak out if I have to fly or fight something?  I mean, I can change at that time if I need to.  It’s tedious how we specifically dress with modesty in mind for those occasion, and yet some real-worlders will still complain about how we dress on the battlefield because they foolishly misinterpret our outfits as regular dresses and skirts and stockings.  *Huffs*”

    Elf can’t help but chuckle at her little rant, but as he attempts to answer her question, Elf is taken back by Faye splitting herself into four different versions of herself, each wearing a slightly varied color arrangement of her outfit.  Ent asks, “W-wheeen did you learn to do that?”

    With a warm smile, she replies, “My hero and future mother-in-law is named Duplica.  It would be rude of me not to download one of her techniques.  Besides, simple duplication is as elementary as it gets.  I have no idea how it became seen as an Infinite-only thing to do.  Asteroid Boy did it, even if some of his body doubles was just from him being so fast.  Anyway, which suit colors do you like best?”

    Comparing them all, Ent nods and gives his confident conclusion.  “Your colors are supposed to reference AB and Missy, right?  And your new technique is for Mom.  Well, I don’t want to pick a copy of Mom or Missy, or even a copy of you.  I want…you.  So, pick the color that best fits my wonderful Faye…and incidentally, it would look good with more black.”

    Elated, Faye puts the copies away and walks slowly towards Elfie.  “Close your eyes and let me rearrange the colors then.  I think I know exactly what I want to do.  It’s a surprise.”  Keep in mind, as if the duplicates didn’t imply it, nano-tech allows for instant changing of colors and outfits, so it’s not like she’s changing clothes right in front of everyone in the lunchroom.  Anyway, only a moment after Elfie closes his eyes, he feels a finger quickly slide across the knuckle of his gloves.  “He he, keep ‘em closed, sir.”  Again, shortly thereafter, he feels the same thing on his arm.  “Thanks for the donation.  Now, wait just a moment longer.”  Finally, he is given permission to open his eyes.  “I need them open for the white.”  And as soon as Elfie looks at Faye, he finds that he can’t really because she’s putting a finger in his right eye.  “Ah, ah, no moving.  I won’t hurt you.  It’s not in my DNA to be able to, you know.”  And with that, the finger quickly leaves his sight and lands on Faye’s new outfit as she draws white dots all over her new suit.

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