Let the chit chat begin.  Doug introduces the speaker.  “Take it away, Doug.  Thank you, Doug.  In our universe, there are ten inhabited galaxies, as I said before.  I’m going to go over what we have in our area, then I may give some history.  By the way, before I start, Marc…your son’s height makes you stand out like a giant.  Both you and your wife come from Dogwood Mercury, so why are you so tall?”

    “Busted,” Marc confesses.

    “Rude is what it is,” Mercy complains.

    Marc’s reason is given as his glares at Doug.  “It’s true that we’re both from DW Mercury, meaning that our people used to look vastly different like the Neptune people.  We were all short and our bodies half gray and half purple.  Even though the System Director changed how we look so we could fit in better with other planets, our height is usually shorter.  However, when you’re an Infinite Warrior…well, I think that tells my secret.”

    “THAT’S HOW YOU GOT TALL?!”  Paul’s surprise reveals a glimmer of hope as he now has another reason to train even harder.  This also causes his pals to give their comical reactions.

    “So, now we know,” Doug takes back the discussion.  “Good!  Now, our galaxy used to be in its own separate universe, Storyboard XXII, which used to be the Political Ballet universe until they all died out and the System Guards colonized this empty space, not only bringing a bunch of alternates and duplicates from other universes, having, like, hundreds of versions AB, Missy and so forth, all together, but also bringing the DNA of anyone else in the System at the time that wasn’t accounted for.  This is why we are THE Duplicate universe, because we are all descendants of every other universe.  And yet, because this was done in a separate dimension where time goes at a much different rate, we are contemporaries with our ancestors.  You knew this.  You also know about how our society, being so advanced in System tech, has solved a genetic issue we have of everyone looking the same from the shared and perpetually sustained DNA pattern by allowing people to pick their faces at birth.  Mind you, this led to some extreme variations, like the Mercuries and Neptunes.  Nonetheless, as the founders of this galaxy were alternate versions of the traditional Storyboard XI heroes, this newly formed colony universe was made to mirror XI in many ways.

    “However, several key phases in our history resulted in our individuality.  A.D. 100 saw a Schism among the XXII System Guards.  Yes, we use the same dating routine to appear similar on the surface.  Anyway, from A.D. 100-300 there was only one occupied planet as those in charge were leaning toward making things more realistic.  It was so bad, the System Director closed the portal to other universes so our confusion wouldn’t get out.  A.D. 300 saw, believe it or not, denominations and cults arise regarding the history of the System.  We are all Partially Autonomous Cerebral Programs, PACs in the mind of the human author who lives in the one real universe, governed by the God of the Bible.  However, in XXII, this truth was…heh.  Over the next century, we ventured back out into the solar system, but soon lost all our technology.  More weird religions formed.  A.D. 613-20 and 660-670 saw some nasty wars, but in A.D. 700, things turned up as the System Guards finally reformed in our universe so that by A.D. 730 in our time, our portal was reopened, allowing access to other universes, and just in time, too, as this was around the time the System Director had started arranging the Storyboards into districts.  We were District 22.   In the year 888, we took inspiration from the date and put all the populated planets of our universe into a HUGE figure eight that we now know as the Grand System.

    “Moving to ‘modern times,’ Elf and Gi, your grandmother and grandfather were born on Dogwood Ruyngard and DW Earth respectively back in 910.  Your aunt was born in 940, and your wonderful mother was born January 16th.”

    “In the year 1000,” Jo adds with no shame.

    “Praise God for the revival in technology!” Kammy points out.

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