However, Faye’s wonderful moment with her Edge is interrupted before it starts.

    “Nuh-uh, you took too long, green boy.  She’s my fighting buddy!”  Gigi calls out, beckoning Faye over to hang out with her instead.

    “Huh?  What do you mean?” Faye asks.

    “Yeah,” Elf says teasingly as he’s caught on, “well, she’s my non-girlfriend, so I get priority.  Owan’s done.  Ask for his help.”

    “Owan’s not my big sister, now is he?” Gigi asks.

    “Idunno,” Paul interrupts the bargaining between the twins, “he did just use a girl’s move.”

    “AWWW, Ya just had to go and say that!” Owan now regrets his decision.

    “You made your feathery bed pal,” Kammy says, “now sleep in it.”

    Faye doesn’t even have time to laugh before she’s called upon by Gigi.  “So, ya gonna’ help me or what?  Your non-boyfriend’s not the only one who’s been waiting to hang out.”

    Now, she knows what they’ve done.  BOTH Elfie and Gigi have put off finishing their fights to hang out with Faye, and now, they’re playfully arguing over her attention.  They are goofing around with each other as their way of trying to remind Faye that she’s still their best friend, even if she did something really mean today.  She loses the battle to her tears and snot, feeling that this display of kindness is not fitting for such a cruel traitor as her.  She murmurs to herself, “I guess it’s easy for them to forgive me.  They’re not the ones I hurt today.”  She looks at the twins and says, “You’re both very convincing.  I don’t know whom to choose, so you better finish the exam,” the tears stop and Elfie’s own cute coach goes into her training mode, “and stop dawdling, Edge, or I’ll be your opponent, understand?”  Everyone laughs at Faye returning to normal.

    Sneaking over to Faye as the twins finish their fights, Kammy puts her hand in Faye’s and asks, “Do I need a Mirror for an excuse to hang out with you?  I can tell you still need to hear me say it.  I forgive you, Faye, I really do.  We were both stupid today.  That’s all.”

    “Thank you, Kam.”  Faye hugs her friend and stays this way for the rest of the exam, seeing how it’s nanoseconds away from ending.  Once every enemy has been defeated, all six teens go for a group hug; a well-meant gesture that just ends up being another goofy, awkward moment that gets the boys laughed at.  “You guys are weird,” says Gigi.  And there you have it; the exam is over…but the lesson is not.  As Duplica and the other teachers return, congratulating Mercy for her performance when she didn’t even know any of this would happen until some point after the trip started, the dark atmosphere is dispelled, allowing the class to see how the Feast of Demons, also called the Nightmare Buffet, has turned out.

    The teens look on to see every single villain chose to fight, and even with the SGs still trying to use as little force as possible, the villains fought so bitterly that the heroes were obligated to end the existence of every single nightmare…except two.

    “Bubbles Indigo…and Destiny Allure,” Duplica says as she points to the girls crawling out of a hole they had created during the chaos.  Both are bruised and disheveled, with Destiny too weak to create any more Lure Bots.  As they try to sneak away, they are hopelessly surrounded by the System Guards.

    “Well, Ally, my dear frrriend *hiccup*, it looks like we’ll die swingin’.”  Bubbles pushes her muddled hair back, but her strength is so pitiful that her locks just fall back into her face.

    “Don’t you EVER call me friend,” hisses the monstrous swine woman.  “I’ll die alone before I die with a selfish brat like you.  We’re nothing alike!”  This tempestuous scolding causes Bubbles to lash out at the System Guards in a rage.  In a twist of irony, XI’s Ivory Nocturne Derm is the one to intercept Bubbles’ fumbling excuse of an attack, and even though Lady Ivory decided to detain Bubbles, the crazy drunkard’s incessant attacks on her captor resulted in the woman meeting her final hour as the careless lass reached for I.V.’s sidearm and accidentally shot herself.

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