“Mount up, home boy!” Owan brings the hurt to this tin can, erasing it from existence while Ent and Paul witness this nostalgic attack in action.

    “Say whaaaa?” Ent yells, teasing his pal.

    “I could’ve done it better,” Paul jokes.

    “Yeah,” Owan calls this out.  “Let’s see you do it, right now, Pauly Boy.”

    “You sure you want to cry?” Paul asks.

    “Better take your own advice,” Owan retorts.  “I don’t want me to cry from you messin’ it up.”  The three guys laugh and continue mocking each other.  Owan continues, “Then again, Paul, you could probably do the move better than Greenie over there.”

    “I second that,” Paul shouts to Owan.

    “Feelin’ the hate, boys,” Ent chimes in, “feelin’ the hate.”

    This nonsense even lifts the spirits of the two girls sitting with Paul.

    “Owan, don’t start something only Paul can finish,” Kammy warns, elbowing Paul for his addition to the peanut gallery.

    Half-heartedly, Paul chuckles and yells, “Totally what she said, no doubt.”  He looks at his girlfriend, thoroughly enjoying the roll of the eyes he gets for his casual effort.

    Faye yells to Ent, “I notice you’re not done yet either, Double-Edge.  Do you need me to help you?”  What she hears next isn’t what she expected at all.

    “When I saw Kammy helping Paul, I was looking forward to you doing the same.  I guess I have been dawdling in hopes you’d get the message…if you’re still interested.”

    This shakes Faye to the core for several reasons.  One, here is Entoni Franklin, the fight-focused leader of the bunch actually putting his exam aside to spend time with his friend.  Second, this means he saw everything Faye did to Kammy and decided not to unload his fury on her.  This makes her feel like dirt.  And the fact he has still put things off for her means he’s not mad at her or going to hold her sin against her.  This makes her want to hide for a week, feeling like an unworthy worm for her disgusting behavior that her gracious friend is willing to overlook.  Finally, who was Elfie, Double-Edge, thinking about the entire exam?  It was Faye…not K.C. Cannon.  As she feels her face about to drown in tears and snot again, Faye also feels a shoulder bump against her.

    “Get going already,” Kammy happily insists.  “You were a jerk, and not you’re Faye again.  Learn from it and get up.”  K.C. can tell Faye’s going to be a little slow, so she pushes her into flight.  Paul laughs as the short one gets the message and makes her way to her Elfie.

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