“I know!  I know!  But that other time was years ago and I got lucky.  It’s why I specifically looked for that attack.  I thought it would be cool to do all the time and on purpose.  In my defense, this is only the second time I’ve attacked you in anger in three years.  Surely, it’s not a habit.”  However, the way this sounds causes Faye to pause.  “Listen to me justifying my violent temper.  *Sigh* Kam, I’m a cruel jerk.  It doesn’t matter what you said or did.  I should have responded with the same forgiving spirit I’ve forced you to have twice in the same day.  I’m so jealous of you, and I’m so scared I’ll lose Elfie.  If I don’t get a grip, I will personally push Elfie away, or I will intimidate him into dating me, and then we’ll be miserable together.  I truly am sorry for being so jealous of you.  I can’t promise it won’t happen again until I’ve matured past this.  BUT I’m at least making myself see you in the bigger picture of things.

    “We both have the brains, and if I wanted, I could be just as dazzling as you, but I lie to myself that I’m content with Elfie.  I’m possessive and controlling, just like you said.  You, on the other hand, have given your cares to God and seek full-heartedly to do everything by His leading.  Your obnoxious relationship with Paul is only a testimony of how careful you two are, and how eagerly you run toward God, even if you trip along the way.  Because of this, you are blessed.  I’m so focused on me and not on the Lord that I hold on to everything tightly.  I should be trying to be like you, not trying to attack you.”

    It’s hard for Kammy to be mad at Faye while she’s saying all of this, so she puts her arm around the short one and just holds her close.  However, she doesn’t want the silence to give the wrong impression that she’s holding in anger, so Kam cheerfully states, “Faye, I’m going to determine to be your friend, no matter how much I offend you or how stupid I speak.  I’ll be your friend, even if it kills me.  Now, if you hurt Paul, that’s different.”

    Faye starts to weep.  “I don’t want to kill or hurt anyone.  I want to stop losing my temper.  I’m sorry for hurting you, too, Paul.”  She then spends the rest of this moment weeping as she can’t figure out how to stop being mean to Kammy.

    “It’s okay,” Kam whispers, “I’m sorry for scaring you about Elfie.  I know you’re trying on your end, so I’ll pray for God to make me extra careful until you’re comfortable in knowing that I really don’t have feelings for Ent anymore, okay?”  This gets a nod from Faye.

    Meanwhile, although his eyes are watching his pals taking their exam, Paul’s mind is using nano-chat to finally do what he should have done a long time ago.  “Hey Gigi, this is Paul.  I know we get along pretty well these days, but I never officially apologized to you for how I chewed you out last year and ended our friendship.  I’m sorry.”

    As this loving surprise lifts a burden off the girl’s shoulders, Gi Rug happily replies, “I forgave you long ago.  I’m sorry for how I was then, too.  Even though we don’t talk as much as we used to, I hope you believe me when I say I’ve still considered you a friend the whole time and have just been waiting for you to heal from how I treated you.  Thanks for forgiving me, Paul.”

    Smiling, he responds, “Thanks for forgive me, too, Gigi.”

    We mentioned Paul watching Owan’s fight, so let’s see how that’s going.  Truth be told, Red O is almost done with his exam as well, but I’m sure this seasoned veteran still has a few exciting tricks to demonstrate.  His Razor Chains attack did most of the damage, but now he’s struggling with a foe more annoying than Mirrors, too many radical finishers to choose from.

    “Hmm,” he thinks aloud, “should I use the Asteroid Belt and have Ent quaking in his green boots that I know his special move?  Maybe I should use the Crimson Wave.  That’s totally a classic.  Ha ha!  I could try Kamo’s hair attack.  Nah, don’t want 1 Corinthians 11 preached to me for the rest of the day.  How about Pac’s Stampede or Amy Scott’s Mount Up?  Ha!  Totally going with that one.  Getting away with stealing one of my niece’s potential techniques before she can reveal she knows it AND using a girl’s attack without being scolded for it.  That’s hilarious.  Elf’s gonna’ love this garbage.”

    Having made his decision, Owan charges up and lets it fly!

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