Finally, the moment has come to stop the game and move on.  “Aw, stink.  My record isn’t anywhere close to this, but I’ll have to stop to make sure I’m ready to help the others.  Pauly and my friends are more important than a record any day.”  With this said, Kammy prepares for one final attack and bids her monster farewell, “Seeya!”  She then stabs it through with her stinger and blasts it to oblivion with a mighty wave from her cannon at point blank range.

    “There is no more Kammy C.,” Kam Kam declares, “Only Kannon…no, I got it…K.C. Cannon.  I like it!  It’s so cute!  Okay, stupid time over.  Gotta’ be responsible now.  Hope nobody took my showing off seriously.  Gotta’ be more careful with that.  Noted.  Read Bible verses about surgical upgrades when I get home, also noted.”

    Now that K.C. Cannon has finally ended her overly drawn-out fight, she decides to go help Paul, but only if he actually needs it.  We can’t be babying people, you know.  However, while Kammy’s presence is helping Paul to focus, it is doing the exact opposite for someone else fighting in the distance.

    “Stupid showoff, stupid showoff!” Faye huffs as she struggles to keep up with her opponent.  This isn’t because the Mirror is tough.  Worley is too distracted with Kammy to concentrate on the task at hand.  She also keeps looking at Elf, to make sure he isn’t falling for the obvious talent show going on.  Things were bad enough watching Kammy’s super long playtime with the now deceased automaton, but now that she’s turned this test into a date with Paul, this just further upsets our little pigtailed pretty.  This takes its toll on Faye when she hears Kammy tell her boyfriend that he’s “cutting edge” but misunderstands this as “cunning as Edge.”  As she turns to focus on this conversation, she is bashed on the back by her adversary and then locked into a series of punches, kicks and so forth that get her even more steamed until she’s had enough.  She teleports out of sight, reappears face-to-face with the Mirror, not caring in the slightest about her reflection staring back at her and with the cruelest of eyes, whispers to it, “You belong to me now.”  Faye taps it on the head, causing the machine to convulse in excruciating pain until something about it is visually different, though the only clear change being in its posture.

    “That’s it, Pauly!” says Kammy.  “Yeah!  Now, fly around and give it a good k—” how ironic!  A good kick is exactly what Kamron receives from a new Mirror ready to fight in place of its fallen comrade.  “Seriously?”  Kammy catches herself and complains aloud, “Lady Duplica, how many of these things do we have to fight?  I was expecting one each.”

    “Why don’t you shut your mouth and just take your exam?”  Faye yells as her emotional defenses have finally collapsed.

    Kammy yells back, not sure what Worley’s problem is, “Dude, stop hating and take your own exam, Faye.”  That’s when Kam notices the elephant in the room.  Faye isn’t taking her exam anymore…Kammy is.  “ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME?!”  Kamron realizes that Faye somehow took control of her mirror and sent it to fight her instead.

    With her arms crossed and her lips enjoying a most delicious smile, Faye taunts, “Hey, I took my exam and obviously passed it.”  The last sentence included a frustrated snicker halfway through it.  “Instead of bossing Paul around, let him fight for himself while you get out the rest of that energy you obviously still have overwhelming your bored little brain.”

    “Fine!”  K.C. goes full force at the bot, not ready for the truth that Faye increased its abilities to ensure a long fight.  This means Kam Kam is met with a painful counter to her overconfident charge.

    “Hahahahahahaha!!” Faye doubles over in laughter.  “You arrogant little brat!  Serves you right.  Now, I’m going to teach you the hard way to start thinking before you go and put your overly-size, bitterly scented foot in your mouth!”

    Even Paul is affected by this dreaded turn, resulting in him getting tackled by his Mirror.

    “Paul!” Kammy screams as she sees him ricochet off the ground in her peripheral.

    “Better focus on your own troubles, coach,” Faye scoffs.

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