And now, we have a furious little red thing charging at the Mirrors, yelling, “Mr. Rug, focus your slobbering face on the task at hand please!”

    Snapping out of it, Ent picks a Mirror and hides in the heat of battle to avoid Faye’s attention, but a growling, “Bravo, Double-Edge,” lets him know this plan won’t work.  Oh well, at least Lady Worley has something else to take her aggression out on…for now.

    Now dancing with her own machine, Gigi yells to Kammy, “Seriously?  You chopped off your arm to put a cannon on it?!  Isn’t that four levels up beyond tattoos and nose rings?”

    Gleefully toying with her opponent, Kam distractingly joins Gigi’s conversation, saying “I guess I didn’t think of it that way.  Too late now.  And I didn’t chop my hand off.  I just added enhancements to it.  Hey, it’s not an attention grabber like tattoos, since I can hide it until I need it, nor is it a health violation of 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.  If people can add technology to enhance their eyes and put in pacemakers, surely a dedicated soldier who needs to be thoroughly prepared to protect the universe can be afforded the permission of enhancing the punch she packs, right?  I am a PAC afterall.”

    Trying to not get grabbed or something, Gigi concludes, “Well, now’s not the best time to argue about it anyway.”

    Slightly annoyed, Kam agrees, “Tell you what, when I become an Infinite, I’ll change it back.  How’s that?”

    “It won’t matter then.”

    “Then don’t bug me about it!” is Kammy’s logical deduction.

    Seeing the opportunity in front of her, Faye advises, “Just don’t stab any of us in the heart, deary!”

    Not catching the hint in the slightest, Kam just gives a quick, “I won’t.  I promise.”

    Kicking her Mirror, Faye grumbles, “Too late.”

    Whipping and whirling, Kammy is a beast, unloading a world of hurt on her Mirror, but she doesn’t make any attempts to end her fight.  It’s obvious who is in charge here, and she’s not about to let this good time end prematurely.  “Alright, girl, better not get too cocky.  We’ll just make this a good time to practice all my other moves.”  She then visits old favorites like her flute attack and heart beam.  She does use her hair rope technique, but only to slam the Mirror all over the floor rather than holding it down to finish it off.  She occasionally stops to check on the other students, but as they seem to be doing fine, she continues to play with her food.  The glass on this thing has long been totally shattered with it becoming a helpless ragdoll.  “Since you’re one of Duplica’s critters, I don’t have to worry about being nice to you.  Otherwise, I’d have put you out of your misery by now.  Even still, I guess I should end this soon.”

    Ha!  Whatever!  This kid comes close to following through with her assessment, but the thrill of showing off is just too tempting.  I mean, how often do you get to show off the amazing blaster your dad let you implant into your wrist?  I know, right?  As much as she wants to make use of her blade, she only makes the smallest of cuts on her mechanical monster so as not to mortally damage it before she’s had her workout.  “Kammy,” she says to herself, turning anxiously to check on Paul.  “Okay, baby’s fine.  Let’s keep going.  I think I’ll set a new volleyball record while I’m waiting.”  What Kam Kam means by this is easily understood as she kicks her Mirror into the air and catches him with another kick, keeping him airborne.  Every time he almost hits the ground, Kammy knocks him back up into the sky.  Also, to ensure he doesn’t maneuver his way out of her aim, she alternates between hitting him down from the air and hitting him back up from the ground.  You’d think this thing would eventually break from all the abuse, but he’s hanging in there.

    Up and down, back and forth, this volleyball keeps flying, with Kammy posing every now and then to hint at her speed between each hit, showing that she has time to look good while waiting for her target to arrive, and she’s getting faster with each hit.  If the other kids are even finding time to watch, they’d notice how intimidating Kammy’s display of superiority truly is.

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