As the teachers transformed into Mirrors, the class was caught in a side dimension, full of darkness.  Here, they see an image of Duplica pop up in the air.  “Hello, my brave lovelies!  Please don’t hate me.  I couldn’t resist mirroring Gramps’ villain gig he had going there.  I was going to wait until after the exam so you’d fight your hardest, buuuut, I decided I should tell you now that this is still only a test.  I can’t have you all dying if a REAL imposter shows up and you don’t believe me because of what I did with this test here.  I’m really sorry if it was a bit too real for you guys, but I’ll buy you candy if that helps.  I’ll admit our field trips did alter time a tiny bit.  The combining thing with Max, Mel and Eu to AB, Miss and Keb really happened, with no negative results whatsoever, and this event, all of which is history now, was really supposed to be AB versus a fake Max, but I changed his mind to make it more dramatic.  I got the approval of the System Directory, so it’s all good.  Anyway, I think that covers everything.  Oh, wait!”  Duplica forgot to actually explain AB’s plan since the kids didn’t see what we saw.  She also clarified that there are real Mirrors but AB and Duplica made their own.  “So, yeah, I think we are up-to-speed now.  So, just enjoy your fight, don’t worry about dying and pleeeeease forgive me for scaring you.  If I think of any other trivia, I’ll fill you in while you fight.  Have fun!”

    The other five students are still recovering from everything they’ve just heard, but not Kammy C.  She knows what to do!  “Come on, Baby Z!  It’s showtime!”  As she says this, her right hand cracks into several metal plates that rearrange into a literal handgun with a sharp stinger on the side.  Blowing a kiss to her adversaries, Kam invites them to dance.  “Which one of you wants a date with my Baby Z?”

    Most of the others now switch their confusion from the scenes of Ultimax and the revelation of the Mirrors to the randomness that is Kammy Meyers.  Elfie just stares, almost drooling, as he prays a joking complaint about why Kamron has to be so amazing after she and Ent established they weren’t a thing.

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