Gracie Grace gasps in disgust.  “But-but why would AB kill his own niece?  He loves his kids and all his nieces and nephews, but everyone knows the sweet and compassionate Jessie Joy has always been his little buddy.  Mom, what has happened to make AB change like this?  Please tell me this is ancient history.”

    “History,” Cat jeers at her daughter, “history has changed.  You remember that in the final fight against Max, SBVI Ant realized his error and gave up his powers to AB with Astro Bomber choosing to destroy the Ultimate Power rather than use it.  This undid everything that was going on at the time and also resulted in the personal history of Max, Melody and Eulogy receiving a soft reset.  This means that, while the effects of their decisions were left the same, the actual individuals were sent back in time and returned to mere infants to live a new life, having received a second chance.  However, to ensure they chose right, they weren’t simply allowed to live as themselves but were sent to XI in the past to become part of AB, Missy and Keb.  It was like any other character rewrite or character combination, except the hosts remained the same with the new people only being additions that didn’t really affect the personalities or memories of AB, Miss or Keb.  This was also done in a way so that the new folks wouldn’t be noticed by their hosts until after the change in time wouldn’t be an issue to ensure history wasn’t messed up.  The logic was that, unlike every other duplicate in the System, the counterparts of AB to Max, Missy to Melody and Keb to Eulogy were always considered direct opposites of one another, and so it felt no different at the time than simply putting two long-lost halves of the same person together.  End of story…until now.”

    Cat chuckles a bit.  “The System Director is a fool!  Hahaha!  In combining AB and Max, he literally fulfilled his own warning.  AB was combined with the Ultimate Machine…and has now begun the end of this imaginary domain.”  Duplica finishes this revelation with a long, wicked laugh.

    Jo finishes the explanation.  “From within, Max, Mel and Eulogy used their powers to corrupt their hosts and have now gained full control.  Soon, poor Charity and her friends will be annihilated, and then James Scott will have an unstoppable army knocking at his door!  And speaking of army, I think it is time we introduce the guests of this glorious celebration.”

    The guests Jocelyn refers to are every major villain from history.  Arion Jekel, Zocar, Destiny Allure, Ultimax’s faithful crew such Green Turcho and the Ancyriac, Thanatos and his fellow Anti-Guardians, Discouragement, the Whirlwind Prophet, Covetness, Laziness, several Wrath Grizzlies, Darkster and even the Baylors’ four evil rivals are here along with other XL villains, except for Grille who wasn’t deemed worth summoning.  Even Writer’s Block and the ultimate nightmare, Tank, are here.

    With his audience assembled, Max looks around and notices two people missing.  However, this soon changes as Bubbles Indigo and Adz show up fashionably late.

    “Sorry *hiccup* for making everyone wait,” Bubbles gargles out, “but you know how traffic can be when you can’t see past the hair in your eyes *hiccup*.”

    Holding up a big plate of spaghetti and brownies, Adz calls out, “Ey, my bruthas and sistas!  I hope you’re hungry, ‘cuz I’ve brought my special pasta that’ll have you all livin’ hiiiiigh on the HAWG.”

    Everyone laughs at this except for Allure because Adz was looking straight at her when saying the last part of his speech.  She bitterly mutters, “At least I didn’t start out an animal like that wasted girlfriend of his.  Why couldn’t they have been slaughtered by the System Pigs before getting the chance to dirty this party with their awful smell?”

    And now, with everyone finally assembled, Max can address his friends.  “Fellow nightmares, I see you have all received the invitations my Mirrors have sent out among the storyboards.  As you can imagine, mine are much more efficient than the average Mirror, as they’ve even deceived these pitiful victims here into the trap that will soon end their lives.  With them gone, we will finally have control over the System Director’s mind, and we shall have our bellies full with the unfiltered taste of power that no one shall be able to rival.  And that is why I welcome you to my Feast of Demons!!”

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