The faces of Entoni, Grace, Faye, Owan, Kamron and Paul all turn pale as they enter the next storyboard.  Before them, thought safely in the distance, are Ultimax, Melody and Eulogy.  This is the evil AB, the Ultimate Machine.  Melody and Eulogy are his version of Missy and Keb.  The class is already highly disturbed that their teachers have brought them to an era with the worst villain in the entire System, but what makes it even more horrifying is the fact none of the surrounding environment looks familiar.  To them, this implies Max survived the legendary final showdown.

    “Now, THIS is the storyboard I’ve been looking for all trip long,” Duplica proudly proclaims.

    “Like I said,” Mercy chimes in with an unsettling tone in her voice, “perfection.”

    “Look!”  Faye points at two assemblies facing each other, one of heroes and the other of familiar villains, and utters her terrified assumption.  “Max has all the System Guards in captivity!  Where’s AB?”

    “He’s not coming,” Cat declares.  “He can’t travel to a place if he’s already there, my dear.”

    Owan looks around, “Then, where is he?”

    Catherine Sky’s face fills with utter ecstasy as she points to the greatest nightmare this fictional universe has ever known and eagerly informs Owan, “Can you not see the great Astronomical Bomber when he’s standing right before you?  That wonderful man you see is none other than AB himself…the Ultimate Machine…finally as he should be.”

    Something is obviously wrong.

    Elf turns to his mom and begs for an explanation, not liking anything he’s heard so far.

    “Look at that crate there, baby,” Duplica points to the captive SGs.  “Remember how I said normal people can be designated, however loosely, as an example of Bible principles?  Well, I should remind you our time-traveling friend Charis has a name which means Grace.  That’s why she was the head of Grace School of Recovery.  Charity is an example of love, while her husband is of justice and her daughter Alethia of truth.  The girl in the hat is the one who appeared on AB & Sister and was introduced as Sabrina Morris.  I’d say her middle name is Hope, but she obviously doesn’t have any of that right now, heh.  Beside her is Mercy Joy Randal, and over between Charis and Charity is Cici’s daughter Jessica…Joy.  There are others here as well with similar names and themes, so you get the point.  Well, Max has figured out that by killing these key figures, the effects will leave the System Guards sitting ducks.”

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