Arriving in XI, Duplica sees System Guards Fun Sanchez and Roger Blade sparring, with the kids excitedly looking on, cheering and such the like.  Duplica says to the kids, “Um, sorry.  This is Keb’s husband Fun and the guy I mentioned earlier, Roger Blade.  This is the dude that worked for Thanatos but was rescued from the villain’s mind control.  Okay, so we made a wrong turn.  Let’s try again.  I brought the spoon, just in case.”

    “Hey, hey!” Cat exclaims in cheerful surprise after another travel attempt, making the kids uneasy about her sense of direction now.  “This was another wrong turn, but a good lesson opportunity.  One story that never went anywhere was The Called.  In SBVII, Peter Caw was the leader of a missionary team that went to reach the same island tribe his ancestor tried to reach with his own team.  That ancestor was successful in starting a small church, but that was a century before now.  In this era, Peter’s wife Annabel was thought to have drowned on the way to the island, but was found washed up on shore.  And yet, even with her alive and eventually restored to health, she eventually got sick and died anyway.  Peter eventually married again, and his team succeeded in reaching that tribe with the Gospel.  Woo.  Let’s get out of here.”  And again, the class leaves before the missionaries realize anyone is there.

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