“I also said cool your jets, Wedding Bell,” Elf reminds her, thinking his encouragement might have been a little too encouraging.  “I’m going to go talk to Owan…or Gigi…or someone not you so you can calm down after that one.  You do feel better though, right?”

    Smiling at him like he’s made of gold, she lets out a weak, distracted, “Mm-hm,” as she just can’t stop staring at him now.  This, however, is but for a moment as another wave of questions floods her mind.  “You don’t think it’s eerie that Ellie bugged Pac to date her, but he wouldn’t, resulting in her going crazy?  Elfie, do you think I could handle it if you changed your mind?  I don’t want to be like Ellie.”

    Ent shakes his head.  “What’s with you and comparing yourself to other people?”  He begins to give what biblical advice he can, starting and stopping his intended words of encouragement before finally deciding on, “Faye, how do you feel about this?  Are you scared?  Nervous?  Tell me.”

    His friend ponders this question for a moment and says, “Yes, I feel anxious about the future.  I feel stupid for giving in to such doubts.  I feel ashamed that I am bugging such a good friend with me overthinking things.  I guess I am scared.  I have no logical reason to be afraid, but the ‘what ifs’ weigh heavy on my heart as I want to be what God wants, but I’m so terrified that He may not want me to be yours someday, and I’m afraid I’ll handle that wrong and show myself that all my growth was only to make you happy.  I am sincerely trying for the sake of pleasing God, but my lying fears tell me otherwise.”

    As she stops, thinking she’s spoken too much, she waits for Elf to respond.

    “Take your fears and the lies by the hands,” Elfie instructs.  Faye shows confusion at the request, so he says it again, “Go ahead, reach your hand out and take the hands of fear and ‘what if.’”  Once his student has reached out to grab invisible people, Elfer continues, “You got them?  Good.  Hey, Fear and ‘What If,’ we’re going to spend time with God.  Would you guys like to come with us?”  And having said this silly thing, Elfie begins to encourage Faye with a few Bible verses after which the two try singing, or humming, a few encouraging Christian songs to remind them of the goodness of Jesus Christ.  Wouldn’t you know it?  Not long after the two begin to sing, all of Faye’s doubts and ‘what ifs’ seem to get bored with all the singing about Jesus and simply leave Faye alone.

    Elfie takes Faye’s hand, in a careful brotherly way, and says, “See?  You don’t have to have it all together.  Come to Christ honestly and transparently, and He will take care of the rest.”  Faye can’t help but hug her friend.

    Elsewhere, Kammy and Gigi talk about Kam’s new life as a girlfriend.  Gi asks, “How does it feel having a boyfriend?”

    “No different whatsoever,” Kammy confesses.  “I talk to Paul the same and act the same, only now I can be honest about my feelings in how much I adore walking this life with him, I mean as much as I can as a girlfriend.  Okay, rewording, yes, I call him Baby and Sweetie now, but what I’m trying to say is that Paul is such a timid individual.  He can be clumsy and depend too much on the guys.  He’s got a lot to work on to the point most people would be discouraged.  That’s not Paul.  As much of a dork as some might think he is, he is a man of character and pushes himself to improve.  Sure, he needs a cheerleader to remind him that he is important and is doing a good job.  I see the caliber of character he has and I’m like, ‘I want to be the wife of that someday.’    That day is years away, but if we start slow now, we’ll be ready by then.  Gigi, Paul’s my hero.  He makes me feel important when I help him.  I don’t mean that’s why I help him.  I mean I help him and instantly know that’s where I belong.  I hope you get what I mean.”

    Smiling, Gi says, “I think I understand.  Wow, that’s really romantic, and I hope I have a guy as great as Paul.  I’d say I missed out, but I still stand by my statements about never liking Paul in that way.  And now, we see why.  If I gave into peer pressure and dated him, or ‘non-dated’ him, he and I would be forcing a lie to work while you’d be missing out on a good guy.”  Having said this, Gigi’s mind races toward a question she was going to ask before saying the previous item.  “So, uh, between us, girl-to-girl, sister-to-sister…have ya kissed him?”

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