Ent echoes this thought.  “Maybe the System Director isn’t so concerned with us being the stars or you being the star, but with all of us being the main characters together.  I don’t mind sharing with such a cool mom as you.”

    “Me either,” says Gigi as she lays her head on her mother.

    Getting a bit choked up and teary-eyed, Cat lets out an exaggerated, “Awww, guys, you are so sweet!  Please don’t feel guilty for all that.  It really isn’t important to me as long as I have you two with me, and your wonderful daddy.”  Cat then looks to the side and mutters, “Besides, if I get desperate, I could always go Roman Emperor or King Herod on you guys and solve my competition problems.”

    “Say what?!” both kids let out.

    “Oh, nothing,” Cat says as she smiles and pats her children on their heads.  She then looks at her watch and gasps in amazement.  “Jocelyn Meyers, you had better not even dare question my timing again.  We are early for our next appointment, like surprisingly early.  I say we go back to the school for a break, since the only thing left is the exam for today.”

    Verifying the accusative boast, Jo sees that they do have extra time on their hands.  “Oh, cool!  Yeah, let’s totally get back to the school and chill for a bit.”  And with this, the team bids farewell to Jovo and Detrina and head to the Dogwood Galaxy in the present era.

    Upon arrival, Faye says to Elfie, “Good, now we can discuss my choice of perfume.”

    “Oh no,” Elf replies, seeing another insecure assumption on the rise.  “What’s wrong with your perfume?”

    “Hang on and I’ll tell you when everyone’s settled.”

    After eagerly waiting for the landing and the class’s temporary dismissal, Ent sits on a bench with his back to the adjoining lunch table as Faye gingerly sits beside him.  “I’m annoyed that every time I try to do something special for you, the System finds a way of demonizing me.”

    Ent laughs and asks what she is talking about.  “You seriously think the Director is out to get us?”

    “Well,” she says, twitching her nose, “remember how I used to say I was your fate because my name was Faye T.?  Yeah, I was lying, but still, I gave myself that nickname with you in mind, but we found out the embodiment of lust is Destiny Allure.  Now, I start wearing bubblegum perfume for you, and that’s the name of the embodiment of addictive substances?  See why it’s hard to not believe the universe doesn’t want us together?”  Faye then taps her heel on the ground as she waits for Ent’s response.

    “Faye, babe, you have to stop being a conspiracy theorist.  Have you forgotten who the main people of the scenarios you’re talking about are?  It’s AB and Missy, not Elfie and Faye.  Do you happen to remember who the main couple of the System are?  Yeah, they’re happily married and have kids and everything.  Nobody died over it.  There are several storyboards, most of them actually, where AB and Missy exist and they end up getting married.  Even in the ones where this is prevented, it’s often a mistake triggered by Zocar’s intervention.  Did you hear that word, Faye?  It’s intervention, meaning in all of those cases, the System wanted them together, but Zocar interfered and messed up the pattern, so the System separated the two long enough for the defiling elements to be removed, then they were put back together.  You need to focus on that.  Sometimes, God has something for you, but you’re not ready, so He has to take it out of your hands and prepare you for it.  He will show you what He has planned at times, but that doesn’t mean He intends for you to have it at that moment.  You just have to stop clinging onto it so selfishly and let God have it until you, or that thing, has been prepared for the right moment.  Now, that doesn’t mean cut off our scheduled ‘dating date’ for when we’re older.  I’m going to date you.  You’re going to like it, and we’re going to get married.  Just cool your jets along the way, okay?”

    Yeah, this is the most boring thing this girl’s ever heard, right?  As if you couldn’t guess, she turns to him like he’s on fire and eagerly clarifies his statement, “We’re really getting married one day?!  You seriously want to marry me?  FAYE?!  Elfie, do you remember who you’re talking to?!”

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