“People would look for reasons to cut their right foot off if the Bible said it was wrong,” Duplica evaluates.  “It’s often a control thing.  Now, let me tell you about those two oddities.  The rocker is the con artist Adac, but he calls himself Adz to sound cooler to his fans, whom I should call his victims.  This guy is another of Arion Jekel’s kids, similar to Victor Grille, and his strategy is to sing his hypnotic jingles to woo the crowds into following his sinful ways while he seals the deal using his throwing stars laced with mind-controlling toxins.  He’s quite a distasteful individual, that Adac.  Now, the woman with him is a girl originally known as Ellie Font.  For this, we reference XI again.  Well, we start with Storyboard L which is the home of System Guard Patrick Derm.  L used to be a home for anthropomorphic animals with Packy Derm, obviously, being an elephant that could change into the superhero Excellent Elephant, and with Ellie Derm being his love interest.  However, when Pac was reassigned to XI and had his character changed into a human, he eventually moved on and fell in love with Ivory Nocturne.  Ellie was left as the superhero of L and grew bitter over Packy forgetting her.  Even though the two worked together in the big multiversal war against Ultimax, the friendship was all but ruined because of Ellie’s bitter spirit.  However, they soon worked everything out, and now, Ellie is a very close friend of Packy Derm.”

    Sighing, Duplica points her hand in Bubbles’s direction.  “I think it was mentioned that in this storyboard, everyone is an Infinite, which means the janitor can beat up the pro boxer all the same here.  That said, in this storyboard, Ellie had lost Packy but was determined to keep his affection and thus tried to force him to choose her.  This, of course, just pushed him further away until Adz came along and solved her problems.  First, she was exposed to the wonderful world of alcohol and instantly fell in love with it.  Then Adz let Ellie use some of his poison to kill Packy in cruel vengeance for breaking Ellie’s heart.  With her lover now dead, she mockingly named herself Ellie Derm and told everyone that she was his wife, finally getting what she wanted.  Of course, her guilt ate at her to the point that her light flirting with controlling substances turned into the disgusting scene you are witnessing of a girl who is chained to a master that has left her without her mental faculties so that she doesn’t even possess the brainpower to know where she is any given day, let alone the intellectual capacity to articulate to herself the idea that she might need help.  She’s a tragedy.  She did this to herself, but she’s still a heartbreaking thing to witness.”

    The kids continue to watch as the float gradually passes out of sight.  With the screeching eventually stopping, Grace asks, “Mom, you said she killed Pac in this storyboard.  Did she kill the other SGs of this universe, too?”

    “Yes,” Duplica quickly answers.  However, she thinks about her response and corrects herself.  “Actually, I think it was only Pac here.  You’d think the others are dead since she’s roaming around, but I suppose with everyone equally powerful here, it’s not as easy as rushing in and tackling the bad guys like it usually is for us, so I imagine the fight is a gradual one here, like in the old days when nobody was an Infinite.  Either way, it’s not important as we can’t fight her, or that would ruin history.  Don’t worry; she and Adz will be dealt with eventually.  Now, let’s get out of this place before it affects us or something.”  And with that, Duplica instantly teleports everyone to nothingness again.  “Eh, nah,” and then teleports the group to XI.  “But it’s the past,” is her next line as she teleports the group back to nothingness.  “It’s boring, but oh well.  Now, let’s talk before the next storyboard.”

    “So, in case you didn’t get it,” says Duplica, “there are villains in this System that are the embodiment or illustration of a certain theme, but not all of them started that way.  Ant of SBVI was a hero like AB of XI, but his selfishness turned him into Ultimax, and thus he became the illustration for the flesh and pride.  Ellie Font became Bubbles Indigo, the illustration for drunkenness which, unlike simply drinking alcohol, is specifically called sin and not merely unwise.  So, there you have it, the major villains of the System.  And remember, not all villains are illustrations of something.  Okay, any questions?”

    There is a moment of silence until Ent and Gigi walk up to Cat and hug her.  Gigi starts talking.  “We just wanted to tell you that you’re not forgotten or replaced.”

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