“What is that awful sound?!” Kammy yells as it gets louder and closer.

    “That is the sound of a certain song when our System technology strips away the hypnotic deceit of its singer.  What the people hear is a rousing call to join his cause.  What you hear is the pain and misery that accompanies the products he sells.”  Duplica thinks about her wording and decides it works for her.

    Once in view, the scene is far more grotesque than the teacher could have described.  On the stage of the main float is a shorter man moving and jiving about as he screeches out what he calls a song.  From his hands occasionally issue out ninja-styled throwing stars that latch onto people in the nearby crowd.  As invasive as this sounds, the stars do much more than simply puncture the skin.  Before explaining these stars, however, we must point out the star of this atrocious attraction, the Queen of XCIX, Bubbles Indigo.  Sprawled upon her flowery thrown in a quite helpless fashion, this woman can be seen guzzling down glass after glass of wine as she ferociously refills her cup from the large keg set right by her.  As the crowd cheers for their monarch, she attempts to stand and receive her praise, but as she tries to raise a glass to her fans, she collapses back upon her throne, spilling wine all over her intoxicated form.  Embarrassed only for a moment, she laughs at herself and continues to scoop out more waves of wine to drown in.

    “What is that she’s drinking?” asks Owan.

    Duplica explains, “It’s a rare substance in the System called alcohol, with this type being wine, I believe.  You see, while the System is full of people who have the freewill to choose good or evil, there are some things that the System Director finds so destructive or dangerous to even think about that this results in those particular vices not being present in our multiverse for even the worst of the worst to consider doing.  While the Bible’s opinion on alcohol may not be 100% concretely deeming it sin, there are enough verses equating it with being a fool for the System Director to not even want to dwell on it too much so that he’s not personally tempted to try it.  That’s not to say any of the other sins illustrated more often are safer to think about.  It’s just a quirk of his personal preferences affecting the storyboards.”

    Elf voices his opinion.  “If the Bible says something is foolish, it seems silly for someone to boast that it’s okay to do because it’s not sin.”

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