“The first two villains that come to mind are the Wrath Grizzlies and Writer’s Block,” says Jo to which Detrina responds, “Why is it back to the bears again?”  Jo shrugs and says, “Idunno, I didn’t make the System.  All I do know about these guys is that, unlike my case which was related to my PAC code being related to a toy bear, these things were typically ordinary people whose anger was so unreasonably bad, they turned into super strong humanoid grizzlies because we all know that happens when you lose your temper.”

    Some of the teens snicker at Jo’s funny expressions emphasizing her lack of expertise on why certain people transform when they lose their temper.  Lady Jovo suggests, “They could have been changed by Ultimax or Arion Jekel, or most likely, the Whirlwind Prophet.  He didn’t show up until later, but it could’ve been related.  Who knows?  For that matter, no one’s ever seen a person turn into a Wrath Grizzly, but rather all the cases have been Grizzlies turning into people.  The mystery abounds.  Now, Writer’s Block is a creature that, while it’s obvious how he relates to the System Director as an author, has only appeared on our HQ villain registry.  No one that I’ve ever talked to has personally seen this critter, so let’s hope it died.  Hopefully, it was its own problem, he he!  Other than those two, besides all the crazy villains everyone knows about, there are only a few new villains that don’t pack a lot of punch.  The little critter Fear turned out to simply be a stray marionette of Arion Jekel.  Laziness is literally an unnaturally obese man in a hover bucket, he he he.  Covetousness is a very tall king wearing all gold, not King Scott.  Ha ha!  I should totally save that ammo for later.  Anyway, that should cover everybody else we’d care about except for Pride, and that just turned out to be Ultimax, so we’re good.”

    “Perfect,” says Duplica with an intimidating smile on her suspicious face.  “Jo, do you happen to remember what storyboard we are in?  It’s surely not XI.”

    “Affirmative!”  Jovie says this to show off her professionalism a bit.  “We are currently in Storyboard XCIX, an entire universe of Infinite Warriors, as well as the home of…that woman.  In the near future of this universe, AB will move it and designate it as District 70 when he tries to condense the storyboards into fewer and more manageable universes he will call districts.  Of course, this will lead to him bringing everything into one universe, and you Dogwooders know the rest of what happened because you’re living the benefits out of it like none other, ha ha ha!!  But yeah, we’re in Storyboard XCIX for right now.  Why do you ask, Duplica?”

    Duplica points out to the group that they’ve been sitting on a rooftop for this lesson, and with this is her motion to walk to the edge of the roof and look on the street below.  The building itself is only two stories high, so the crowd lining the streets below are still fairly distinguishable.  The more the kids examine this scene, the more they realize they’ve been right by a parade this whole time.  Duplica made sure to time this perfectly so that as the kids look out into the distance, they hear the most nauseating screeching sound that seems to be gushing out from the float that’s approaching from the distance.

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