“Not my best moment,” says Jo, “but here we go.  First, I guess I need to explain that my PAC program is based on a toy the System Director had when he was a small child.  That is why Tommy and I are the Bears, because that’s what we were based off of, only in human form.  Well, several months after Discouragement attacked, we met a guy that made him seem like an amateur.  Considering the other villain was a formless being that could change into stuff, it could’ve been created by this next dude for all I know, but either way, I’m going to tell you about him now, I promise, ha ha.  It all started when my brother Tommy was sent to the field to answer a distress call.  A superhero not yet associated with us was rescuing his kidnapped daughter.  Tragically, she had already been killed by the time Tommy and the hero got to the enemy’s location.  She was just a little girl.  This sorrow caused that hero to transform into a giant fire monster, scorching everything in sight.  Tommy was left to fight this guy, trying to turn him back to normal, so my husband Mike teleported to the field to help out.  My brother’s Polar Blast powers should’ve been enough to cool the heat, but Mike’s Grizzly Blaze powers would ensure a victory.  However, even though the two were able to calm the hero down, it came with a price.  The monster fired a huge wave of fire that Mike absorbed into his suit, which caused it to overload.  He died, apologizing to my brother for not doing a better job.

    “When Tommy brought Mike’s body back to the base along with this guy that killed him, I blew up.  I was…quite shameful.  I ran out of the room crying, and before I knew it, I was hurting so much, I felt myself changing.  Now, I don’t personally remember the next part, but security cameras show me transforming into a little toy bear, like the thing my programming was based on.  For the rest of that day, other PACs started having similar experiences.  This…was all because of the Whirlwind Prophet.  He takes your physical and emotional pain and amplifies it to an unnatural level until your PAC code is scrambled, changing you into whatever best exemplifies you, I guess.  Well, at any rate, we did eventually stop this guy and I was rescued from my awkward state of being.  You see me standing here, so you know I changed back.  All is good and, even though it took a year or two, Mike was allowed to come back to life.  That was several years ago.  Now, we have a full-grown daughter and have many wonderful memories that have completely replaced that one bad moment.”

    Duplica closes her eyes and smiles, thinking admiringly, “My favorite part of that story is hearing how Missy, covered in mind-numbing, almost paralyzing pain, forced herself to move to the main computer to allow AB to move freely throughout the base and rescue the others.  Missy is such a hero, as is this cute little girl in the pink dress standing before me, as well as the Princess of New Ruyngard, ha ha.”  This compliment is warmly accepted from the two guest teachers.  Duplica then asks, “Now, can you ladies tell us about some more nasty villains of the past?”

    Detrina turns to Jo and politely states, “I believe that’s something you’d be more familiar with.”

    “Okay then,” Jo says with a giggle.

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