And with that, a friend that Gigi has never met appears.  It’s the Millennia that Duplica just mentioned.  She is informed of why she has been called, and this grateful woman gladly hugs the kindhearted Gigi.  “Oh, hon, everything was fixed for me long ago, just like it was for Muse, but thank you for thinking of me.”  The other girls join in and make sure Millennia knows that she is thought of as well, along with her friends also victimized.  Of course, this results in the other two showing up and receiving the same compassionate welcome.  Jo and Mercy stand, highly impressed, as Gigi, Faye and Kamron display the quality of women they are becoming with the love and grace they are showing to these heroes of the past.  After a few more moments of this heartwarming scene, Millennia and her friends return to the Drawing Board and our class continues.

    “Again,” says Duplica, “the reason I had you visit Muse is to make sure this never happens in any storyboard again.  And in the real world, it’ll be such a wonderful day when these kinds of horrors are finally ended.  Now, we have a few more stops to make.  They’re not of this same nature, but you would still be wise to be on guard.  Let us proceed.”

    As they go, Kammy can’t help but ponder aloud, “Has this kind of thing stopped happening in the System, has it really?”

    Ent thinks about her haunting contemplation and replies, “It will if I have a say in it.”

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