“You called?” This is Muse, as in the main version within the System Guard series.

    “Get a sandwich,” Duplica grunts.

    At any rate, Muse from XI is now at the party.  “Oh!  Hi, MV!  Telling your life story again?”

    “I was!  How are you, girl?”  MV is very happy now, giving Duplica an extra sandwich.

    Duplica says to herself, “Should’ve been nice sooner,” as she jams the treat into her mouth.

    XI laughs and asks, “Since I agreed to this last-minute arrangement, do I get two sandwiches?”

    “No,” MV declines, “because then I’d end up giving everyone two and Dr. Diet over there would fire me for killing her kids with gluttony.”

    Defending herself, Cat says, “I have people to take care of.  Don’t make fun of me.  Good sandwich though, what’s in it?”

    Taking one for herself, MV expresses her surprise, “As often as you’re around your version of AB, you don’t recognize his favorite when you taste it?  That’s bologna and cheese with mayonnaise.  It’s simple, but it’s very effective.  Between that and macaroni, AB and Keb are very easy to please.”

    Kammy and Gigi then start listing off other items they remember AB and Keb liking.  This list includes barbecue, pizza, cookies and cream ice cream, as well as fudge royal.  As far as chips go, AB loves sour cream and onion, while Keb got a taste for salt and vinegar in trying to figure out what about the particular flavor causes AB to wince in pure disgust.  He hates salt and vinegar and feels severely betrayed Keb would turn on him like that.

    “Don’t worry, bro,” Gigi says to Ent, “I won’t be so cruel and try food you don’t like and end up liking it, I guess, ha ha.”  This musters a few more joking comments about the Asteroid siblings’ funny food trivia.  Oh, and let’s not forget Cici has very, VERY few food dislikes as she has the appetite of a black hole.  We love her though.

    “Well, since everyone has gotten their snack, is there anything else before I rush away to keep you on schedule?” Muse MV looks directly at Duplica when asking this.

    Annoyed, Cat questions her.  “Do you have to be troublesome about it?”

    Giggling, MV says, “You know I do.  You’re always fun to joke with, Cat.  Thanks for letting me teach for a while.”

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