As everyone laughs, Muse clarifies with a giggle, “Of course, you know she loves her AB and will tell you she’s his other sidekick, even if she does her own thing, that crazy girl.  Mind you, she’s not nearly as crazy as XI, but she’s still a treat to work with.  Oh!  And being on Juniper, or a deader in general, means we get to hang out with all our friends from our childhood.  I get to have both my sister-in-laws around, Keb gets to have her parents with her, and the two of us are surrounded by kids and grandkids, along with the ‘livers’ I mentioned.”

    “Livers?”  Paul is disturbed.

    “Silly, she called them livers like we’d call her a deader.” Kammy explains to her boyfriend.

    Elf laughs and says, “I’m now picturing you surrounded by random livers.  I hope they’re cow livers or pig livers.  ‘Look out!  That pig liver’s a movin’!’”  Everyone laughs at Elf saying this as there are actions to go along.

    “So,” says Gigi, “If we visit Juniper, we’ll get to meet all of your family then?”

    Muse nods, “You will.  Maybe you will meet the other Muse as well, if you haven’t already.”

    “Let’s not overload the attendance sheet just yet,” says Duplica.

    “Seriously?  So lazy,” declares Jo.

    “Ha ha, it’s okay,” says Muse, “I’m sure my XI counterpart will have her day in the spotlight.”

    “Well,” says Cat, “considering she has her own famous lesson in Lightspeed Lab as well as her recorded Bible quiz on the book of Psalms, it’s not like people don’t know who she is.  That girl can wait her turn to clog up my story with too many people.”

     Everyone looks at Cat, highly confused.

    “I don’t understand you, but you’re cute, so it’s okay,” Muse laughs and Cat bows to this compliment from her audience.

    Mercy asks Muse, “So, what’s the food like here in MV?”

    This is quite random, given the serious nature of the lesson, but Muse has no problem answering such a question.  However, before she can, Duplica butts in, “We’re not stopping to eat again.  These children will die of gluttony.”

    “I wasn’t asking to eat again,” Mercy rants, “I was asking a cultural question.”

    Waiting for the storm to calm, Muse answers, “It’s exactly the same as in XI, assuming you’ve had their cuisine.  Are you sure you don’t want me to whip up something, Duplica?  I don’t mind.”

    “Well,” the teacher weakens, “I guess I could use a small bite, but nothing major, please.”

    Muse giggles at Cat’s weird behavior and summons a tray of small triangle sandwiches.  As she walks among the guests with the tray, she asks Duplica, “Are you debating on whether to bring XI here?  No need to feel guilty for leaving her out.”

    “Hush,” Duplica says in a bit of contemplation.  “Hmmm,” as she gets her sandwich, she taps it against her chin for a few second.  “Oh, why not?  It can’t hurt the lesson plan that much.  No need to be a stickler over something I can change anyway.”  And with that, we have a new person present.

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