“The System Director took me by the hand and escorted me right into the big, open council room of all the SG bigwigs and asked them, ‘Do you know who I am?’  No one had an answer, so he repeated it, and with fury, ‘Do you know who I am?!’  As the eyes and minds of those looking on slowly started to recognize the face looking at them as the source for the face of the boy they had raised so many years ago, they recognized that this was the person Asteroid Boy was made to look like.  THIS was the System Director.  We’ll just say many higher up positions became available that day and that the people who once held those seats won’t be found in the Drawing Board at any point in history.”

    The kids don’t want to be heartless, but they do feel relieved that the wicked tyrants got their dues.

    “Do you remember who I love?”  This is a funny question to ask, but Muse specifically waits for someone to answer.

    Faye wants to give the obvious answer, but she holds her peace.  Gigi finally says, “You love AB.”

    “Indeed,” she says with the biggest smile possible, “I do.  And do you know why that’s so important these days?”

    Seeing that the others aren’t getting it, Faye decides she can take a turn now.  “The System Director brought him back for you, didn’t he?”

    A strong giggle precedes a thoroughly pleased, “Yes!  Muse in XI may have married Tsuno, but I got my AB after waiting several horrible years.  Also, because he knew Keb’s history, the System Director told her and Fifi about their past and about being two halves of the same person.  With their big brother back, they didn’t find it so lonely in recombining as just Fiona Kaios Jr., although they still went by Keb.  Missy was also there and became a good friend to my husband and myself, so I didn’t have to worry about her being a jerk about me marrying her intended guy.  As of now, all my sorrow is far behind me.  In fact, as you have probably guessed, I am visiting this storyboard in the past from the Drawing Board in your time.  I already know about you being my descendants and all, although you should know that my great-grandkids currently all live at the Juniper District, running amok.  It’s really nice getting to live there with them, even if they do all the living with me being dead, ya know.  On Juniper, I have sixteen great-grandchildren running around and brightening everyone’s day, while Keb’s three try to keep up with my little circus.  Keb’s Katie Turner is such a sweetheart.  I do have to say that some of my kids took a slight boot to the rear as they got it in their heads that being the descendants of ‘the Great Lady Muse’ somehow magically made them the greatest gift to creation ever given.  They’re all better now though, so there’s nothing but joy in my heart as I watch them growing into even better System Guards every day.”

    Muse closes her eyes and sways as she thinks about how good her life, and afterlife, has been since all her pain was taken away.  The kids look at her and each other, reciprocating the warm feeling as what they first heard was painful to take in.  This pretty friend seems much too kind a person to want to have suffer such a cruel dilemma, so the teens are glad to know she’s all better.

    “Now, do you have any questions?” asks Muse.

    After a moment, Kammy raises her hands.  “He he, since AB was supposed to be in charge, but then you had to fill in for a time, who took the lead of the SGs after he came back?”

    The group laughs, and Muse says, “I wouldn’t be a very good sidekick if I did all the bossing around, now would I?  You could probably say it was a coregency, ha ha.  AB didn’t wake up and go, ‘Move over, woman.  This is a man’s job.’  He respected my place as the leader, even if the only other member was Keb after AB came back.  So, with it just being me, AB and Keb, who do you think naturally became the leader, just out of habit of the other two gladly doing what they used to do?”

    “Keb,” Owan sarcastic asserts.

    “Well,” Muse ponders aloud, “you’re not completely wrong, ha ha.”

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