Muse says, “In the minds of our superiors, all their efforts to follow the Lord in creating all these righteous heroes were for nothing.  They had lost everything.  The only thing that caught their interest was my mental movies that played all over the SG halls.  They could have brought back AB.  They could have brought back James Scott or the Scars.  They could have brought them all back.  What did they choose to do?  They brought back the dirty girl.”

    Lightly tapping all the tips of her fingers against one another, Muse pauses to see if the kids understand what she’s implying.  If you’re having uncomfortable feelings about what you think she’s trying to tactfully say, then you get exactly what she’s hinting.  As a face of horror and disgust can be seen on some of the listeners, Muse continues for the benefit of those who may not understand her previous situation yet.  “There was corruption in our army of God.  On the surface, everything was good.  Keb was the one who destroyed Arion Jekel but got to live like a normal kid with Fifi staying with her and AB’s family.  While they were enjoying a peaceful life, I joyfully took the banner of being the sole protector of the storyboard, appreciating the chance to atone for my actions and guard over my beloved’s little sister in his stead.  This was a pretty picture, but it was a lie.  Keb and Fifi did have that wonderful life, but I had something that was anything but wonderful.  I was, indeed, the lone System Guard who went around the universe to fight against any threats that popped up, and I was actually able to do it with the major upgrades I was given.  However, there was another assignment I was tasked with, traveling around the galaxies to accomplish.

    “I’ll try to say it nicely, but my job was to fight evil monsters while being forced to fulfill whatever wicked desires my bosses had of me.   My body now belonged to these hypocrites.  This was my life now, and I hated it.  I tried to take my life several times, but they took away that hope by telling me they’d just bring me back if I died.  You’d think they would’ve added other unlucky girls to the squad to have a variety and not have to wait in line, but I guess that’s the blessing of being made an Infinite.  You can go ‘save the day’ in more than one location at a time.  Also, if you’re wondering how I wasn’t strong enough to just wipe them all out, you must not understand the mindset of a conditioned slave.  Not only did they have ways to ensure my limitless power was still under their control, they also made sure to thoroughly indoctrinate me with their lies before giving me my Infinite upgrade so that I truly believed I was still too weak to overthrow my masters.  I truly was hopeless.”

    Muse puts her hands together and looks at the children with loving eyes.  “Now, I’m sorry I had to tell you that, but let me tell you the good part.  You see, this all happened because the System Director had not yet gotten acquainted with all the storyboards that existed in his subconscious.  Oh, I should also remind you that the events that happened in my universe aren’t to say that the author was actively thinking about any of this, not at all!  Just because the System Director writes about tragic events in an effort to teach people a lesson doesn’t mean he is personally thinking about such things.  He never personally imagined the dirty things I was forced to do.  Also, he has set up our multiverse to be as autonomous as possible, so even if he has never met a particular person or universe, they are still going about their daily business.  All that said, when he finally did waltz into our territory, he came to see what AB was like as a leader here, if he was even in charge.  When he learned it was me, the System Director was ecstatic and so very proud of me.  Unfortunately, he had to pry out of me what was really going on.”

    Bringing her arms in and gripping them with her hands, Muse says, “I was so terrified of what the System Director would think once he learned I was the living embodiment of everything he was teaching against.  I was a filthy thought that violated the principles of godly living.  Surely, I needed to be erased.  I was brought to tears as I waited for his decision to erase me from existence.  But you know he’d never do that to someone in my situation.

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