This man turns out to be another Mirror, but we know that these guys are pushovers.  Still, it’s eerie to run into a second member of this robotic race along our travels through history.  Even so, with this guy exposed, Duplica asks who wants to fight next, with Paul being the quickest to raise his hand.

    Kammy does all the cheering.  “Go!  Yeah, get ‘em.  You smack it to him, baby!  That’s right; now, finish him, Paulie!  Do that one attack you were practicing in the gym.  No, not your special attack.  We have to save that for later.  Yeah, that one.  Hurry or he’ll get away.  WOO!  YOU GO, BABY!  THAT’S MY MAY-UN!!!”  These two are so cute.

    “Well done,” calls a new voice.  “For the record, Tsuno is the husband of my counterpart in XI, so this fraud was partially right.”  As indicated by her words, this is Muse MV.  She looks identical to our classic version, only with a pink rendition of Missy’s suit instead of our Muse’s longer pink dress.  As she approaches and applauds Paul’s performance, Muse asks, “Have you told them anything so far?”  As Duplica says she hasn’t, our host smiles and with a quick snicker says, “Then let the story begin.”

    Muse looks at each student to ensure these soldiers are emotionally prepared for what she’s about to say after a quick prayer.  She prays, takes a deep breath and begins.  “So, you should already be familiar with the events of Storyboard XI.  Just like in that one, Asteroid Boy got his powers at nine years of age and defeated the Council of the Solar System.  After facing Arion Jekel for the first time, he met Fiona Kaios who would later be remarried as Fiona Sakuro.  The only problem is that she never got this chance in my universe.  She took AB, Cici and Keb on their famous trip to another version similar to SBX and watched the kids grow into wonderful heroes with great potential.  From here, things change.  I came into the picture when AB was eighteen and had started his own rinky-dink team of System Guards, the Asteroid Battalion.  That fateful day arrived, but with much different results in our dimension.  Instead of me dying to A.J. and Jaqueline Scar with AB bringing me back, my precious Ant, his sister Cici, Fiona and most everyone else were slaughtered at the hands of the evil twins.  Only myself, Keb and Fiona’s Fifi survived.  James Scott eventually defeated the Scars, removing the brainwashing effects placed upon them by Arion Jekel, so with my friends all dead, I pursued a position among the System Guards.

    “Now, if you know anything about XI Muse’s history, then know mine is the same in that we didn’t live like we should have when we met AB.  We weren’t necessarily as bad as we felt we were in our minds, but nonetheless, in both cases, Muse was a tad of a hypocrite at first.  Well, you can imagine the majority inferiority complex I had to overcome in joining the System Guards.  I never would’ve wanted to do such a thing, but I loved AB and wanted to honor his legacy as my friend and mentor, so I applied myself and tried to do the best I could with a sincere heart.  Unfortunately, I was the only one who cared anything about being honest.  We did well when our version of Ultimax was defeated by James and Amy Scott, A.J. and Jaqui Scar, Eric Johnst and PAC.  I was among the soldiers fighting the Galactic Phantoms, ha ha.  However, when Arion Jekel decided to finally reveal himself like he did in XI following the defeat of Ultimax, we were not ready.  Everyone either died or defected, including James and including myself.  Only Keb and Fifi survived.

    “My torment was even worse in my storyboard than it was for Muse in XI because, while she had her past displayed before AB’s eyes in a disgustingly exaggerated fashion, I had mine open for everyone to see in the entire ranks of the System Guards, and then I died a defector as I gave up out of bitter grief and guilt.  Then I woke up.  In XI, Muse’s plight was considered and even though she chose defection, her reason was because she was forced to by Arion Jekel.  She was shown mercy and has been one of the best System Guards ever since, learning to not let her guilt control her, especially over things that weren’t even her fault.  I, however, was revived for a different purpose.  When I was brought back to life, it was by the higher ups of the System Guards.  I soon found out the philosophy of the organization had changed while I was away.

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