“Oh, ha ha, Gracie G.  You gonna’ betray your ol’ pal like that?”

    “Nah,” Rug says, “I couldn’t do that to ya.  So, if you’re Judy Josey, that’d make you a Face Paint Nation girl.  Since Mom is a Sky, that’d make me Sky Griffin Figueroa.  No, no, that’s not right.  Faye should be Judy, since that’s her face model, and I’m Sky.  Stop being difficult, since you obviously fit the part of Kammy Griffin Marshall.”  In case these names mean nothing to you, check out our third book in this series, System Successors Volume III: To Face Oneself and meet the warriors of the CFA.

    “Ahem!” a stranger can be heard behind the girls clearing his throat as if he is waiting for them to be quiet so he can speak.  They turn and see a man Duplica identifies as System Guard Tsuno, former trainee of the great Patriarch.  “I see my wife has not yet arrived, so I will be your teacher today, since she has such a busy schedule to keep.”

    “Your wife?” Duplica asks.  “XI is here as well?”

    “Foolish for such a pretty teacher, Duplica.  You should remember you are in Storyboard MV where my wife is in charge here.  Now, let the lesson begin.”

    “Yes,” says Cat with slight irritation, “please teach me all about this storyboard and about Muse MV’s very special husband that was given to her out of loving compassion from the System Guards.”

    “Your tone of disrespect is shameful.  If you wish to represent the System Guards in teaching the next generation, then maybe you should employ the use of good manners.”

    Tapping her chin with her finger, Cat says, “Forgive me for being rude.  So, you are the husband of the Muse that comes from this world, Storyboard MV.”

     “That I am,” Tsuno affirms.

    Cat smiles slyly.  “Does Muse know that?  Even more so, does her real husband AB know that?”  With this said, Tsuno expresses strong disgust, but he has little time to react before he is hit with the next statement.  “My dear boy, Tsuno, do you know what I like best about you being married to the young woman named Muse?  How fitting that the word muse can also be a synonym for the word…reflect.”

    Tsuno pauses for a moment before reaching for his sidearm.  “Here’s…to seven years bad luck!!”  However, before he can fire his weapon, his inferiority to the Infinite status is made clear as he is reduced to his true form.

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