“What do you mean, ‘What does it matter?’” Faye asks.  “If our marriage destroys the System, that matters quite a bit, Mr. Rug.”

    Shaking his head, Elf tries again.  “Who alone matters?”

    Ah, now she catches on.  Understanding where her friend is going, Faye adamantly affirms, “Jesus is the only thing that matters.”

    “Exactly,” Elfie agrees, “and if our marriage results in a perfectly normal life with the System being just fine, but Jesus didn’t want us being married for His own reasons, does it matter that our marriage doesn’t destroy the universe?”

    “No, it wouldn’t matter.”  Faye doesn’t like this scenario, but she sees the point.

    “And if all of our mentors, the circumstances and biblical principle all point to it seeming that Jesus is leading us to eventually get married, does it matter what Victor Grille or Zocar say about some theory they have that history has come to prove was something already dealt with anyway?”

    Faye smiles at Elfie with a very pleased expression Gigi can clearly see.  Faye says, “Victor was a clown.  I don’t listen to clowns.  Well, you’re the only clown I listen to, Mr. Rug.”  With her friend easing her mind with the truth of God’s Word, Miss Worley stares admiringly into the eyes of her Double-Edge.  “Thanks, Elfie, now you have made me feel much better.  I’m sorry for stressing.”

    He replies, “Nah, you were just thinking of very important things that needed to be addressed.  That’s why I’m glad I’ve got such a smart girl, even smarter than Kammy.  Besides, based on the Zocar scenarios, if I die for a second, you can bring me back and everything is good.”

    “He he,” Faye giggles, “I told you, Entoni Franklin, we die together.  Now, I think we’d better focus on the class before you get us killed.”

    And with good timing, Faye, as your fellow classmate Paul is about to ask another good question.  “Lady Duplica, or C3, it’s been mentioned that both versions of Arion Jekel somehow found a way to leave the imagination of our author and actually live in the real world.  That doesn’t seem possible and makes the author seem a bit ‘out there.’  I know that’s not the case, but can you explain this oddity?”

    Duplica gives a strong giggle and admits, “Oh, I’ll be the first to tell you he’s way far gone, he he!  You’re welcome, by the way, SD.  Mwahaha!  Okay, enough of that.  There is a very special technique we call Character Assignment.  Let’s use the original Arion Jekel as the example.  He was born a snowman in a nightmare of the author.  The System Director, as a child, kept having recurring nightmares about the same snowman stalking him everywhere which helped Jekel strengthen and learn.  Fiona Sakuro destroyed the frosty freak once, but with the fear of him being enough to revive the goon, Jekel had time to learn that as long as he, being a nightmare, was a true terror to the dreamer, he could always come back.  However, as the kid would eventually get over this fear, Jekel found a way to feed off of inspiration and fear so that even the child’s victory in getting over the terror of the snowman would fuel the monster’s return.  But this wasn’t enough, so Jekel tricked the child into performing Character Assignment.

    “We are imaginary, right?  Well, because of this, the thinker can imagine we are whatever he wants us to be.  So, like with Jekel, the System Director, a kid at the time and not yet having officially formed and named our world as it is now, saw the shadow of a tree branch blowing in the wind outside his window.  This inspired a fearful admiration for the SD’s scary snowman.  While this fed into Jekel’s inspiration plan, it also encouraged the author to perform the technique I’m talking about.  He simply pretended that Jekel was outside waving out him.  If the Director decides to officially imagine us as being someone or something in the real world, our PAC data is transferred to that.  Sure, it doesn’t affect anything in the real world, but from our imaginary perspective, we are now officially that person or thing.  So, Jekel was imagined to be real, and thus, was, by System terms, transferred into the real world.  Did he actually become real?  No, but the knowledge and experience he gained from the action by the System’s account was equivalent to if he had actually traveled around the real world for a few years.”

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