C3 looks around for a second, and soon, the base begins to shake.  As the kids look around anxiously, she creates a screen out of thin air and shows them the image of what is currently happening in this era of the past.  “At this very moment, an evil scheme is finally coming to pass.  You see, Arion Jekel of CCCXLI wasn’t dead, but he knew he wasn’t strong enough in his current form, so he took several generations to genetically engineer the perfect body for himself.  It starts back when Jekel faced AB and his siblings.  Our version of Keb was the second most powerful person on the System Guard force at the time, so between her and AB, Jekel didn’t stand a chance, and even though James and the others grew old and died out, Keb and AB’s respective descendants all shared the powerful traits of the siblings.  Jekel’s plan was to simply wait for one of AB’s descendants to marry one of Keb’s and take control of that person.  However, because the combination of bloodlines would produce a being too powerful, or just out of spite to Arion, the System always saw to it that the two family trees never blended.  This caused Jekel to devise a desperate multiversal scheme that was so grand, it affected the whole System.”

    “Wait, so if AB and Keb’s descendants ever intermarry, we’ll all die?” asks Owan.  “Isn’t it a bit late for that?  We’re all fine.”

    “No,” Meg says, “it was just the particular two of that storyboard.  All the others in every other universe are fine, I guess.  Anyway, the plan doesn’t even really involve Keb, but Missy.  He was searching the entire System for the perfect set of AB and Missy that he could infect and genetically engineer to marry and produce a kid that would be Jekel’s new form.  It sounds weird, but this thing is odd anyway.  This massive scheme is what influenced Elena’s home colony so that the people were brainwashed.  It affected Storyboard XV, killing AB and Missy there.  Some wonder if it is the source of A.J. Scar’s red gems he scattered all over the Earth.  Over and over, several storyboards had a repeated history of a couple that were unnaturally drawn to each other and were going to marry but the System killed them before they could.  In most of these cases, the death was enough to cancel the effects, allow for the couple to be revived and married as normal people, but not every scenario had this fortunate ending.”

    Faye looks at Ent as this is being told.  She looks back at Meg right as Elf’s eyes turn toward hers.

    “Guess what happened,” says Meg.

    “There was a new AB and Missy,” Kammy guesses.

    “Exactly,” Meg confirms.

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