“I feel like you should be talking about this, Duplica,” Lil confesses, “or maybe Elena Burt, since she’s the expert on what I’m about to say.”

    “Baby,” says Cat, “Just say what we rehearsed, and you’ll do fine.”

    “Ha ha, okay, I’ll parrot what you wrote for me because you thought it’d be cooler coming from a music star.  *Ahem* So, I want to talk about the famed Greco Romana.  An ancient Roman sculptor within the XI universe had a vision from the future of the CFA fighter Sarora that lived during the era of Nix T. For.  This sculptor built a statue based on the woman he saw.  That statue was stolen by aliens, ha ha ha!  Elena and Locket got it back and learned the tragic history of a dying alien race, and how these creatures had tricked the man into building this image using their blue rocks while constructing a duplicate for the man made of ordinary stone.  The man, however, agreed to help finish both statues once he learned of the aliens’ sad plight, and soon Unitera and Greco were finished.  Due to the blue rock, Uni came to life as an organic machine and went on to be the last queen of the dying Coocoofarians.

    “After the aliens died out, Unitera returned to Earth and lived in Medieval Britain as the elusive Coocoo Fairy until the modern age in XI’s history where Locket and Elena found her alone and heartbroken.  They took her back to Naples where the other statue still stood after all these years, and with the use of her advanced technology, Unitera was able to bring this gray girl to life, calling her Greco Romana, her daughter.  These two eventually ended up on Ruyngard where they settled among the CFA fighters until they met the very woman that both of these machines were based off of thousands of years before the beautiful Sarora was even born.  Now, since then, Unitera has passed away, thoroughly enjoying the Drawing Board, while Greco was turned from gray to a full-fledged human just to demonstrate the amazing properties of the System.  Now, Greco is one of I.C Mendez’s friends, as well as the host of the book of Romans Lightspeed Bible Challenge.  Hmm, Duplica, do you want me to read the next part about I.C. you have scribbled down here?  Cat?  CAT!”

    “Huh?  What’s that?”  Catherine takes a look at her notes.  “No, don’t read that.  The kids already know my feelings about that show-stealer.”

    Jo laughs as she imagines what Cat wrote down.  “It’s nothing but frowny faces and tongues sticking out, isn’t it, Lullaby?”

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