As Lully contemplates the bragging she’s about to do on her husband, she turns to him and sneaks a kiss on his cheek.  “My name is Lillian Ruth Baxter, but everyone here calls me Lullaby because that’s the name I gave myself when I met Peter.  He was obviously older by the time we met, ha ha!  Anyway, I was new to the area but ran away in a heartbroken rage at some tragic news I’d just received.  Peter and Friend found me, and I couldn’t leave this cute boy with the adorable accent alone.  I just stayed in the swamp and hung out with them and sang to them all the time, because that’s what I love to do.  So, to them, I was Lullaby because of my voice.  To myself, I was Lullaby because I was singing myself to sleep.  I had terminal cancer.”  Everyone gasps.

    “It was so hard to tell Peter the truth, but I had to when the System Guards came to check on Pete and Friend, only to find this new person with them.  My secret was discovered, and I was honest with everyone.  Now, remember that Peter was supposed to be a war machine, right?  Well, because of his makeup, he possessed the ability to use radioactive energy.  In fact, if one is close enough to him, his body heat gives off strong radioactivity.  That said, when he learned I had terminal cancer, he quickly offered to use his powers to heal me.  Due to the rare type of energy Peter possesses, his idea worked a little, but waving a hand over someone’s head or back isn’t exactly going to cut it.  The fact is Peter’s kindness was not enough to save me.  So, the System Guards thought of an even better way to give me the heavy amount of radioactivity I needed to receive proper treatment.  Peter and I got married!”

    All the girls go, “AWWW!!”  while the guys make comments like, “Oh, my!” and “Hubba hubba.”

    To this immature response, Cat replies, “Now, now, ‘marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled, but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.’  There’s nothing wrong with talking about that kind of treatment in the proper context of marriage.  Married couples are encouraged by God to enjoy being that way with one another, so it’s good for you kids to hear about it in its appropriate place, and Lily was tactful anyway.”

    “Oh, yeah,” Lily cuts in, “I was totally cured within a week or two.”

    “Eh, thank you Lullaby,” says Cat with a funny look on her face.

    “I don’t know whether to say, ‘You’re welcome’ or, ‘Sorry’,” replies Lily.

    “Say more about the blue material these guys are made from,” requests Cat Rug.

    “Okay,” Lil obliges, “but let me advertise, now that our story is told.  I’m surprised you SGs aren’t already aware of it, but I guess our Galaxies aren’t exactly five minutes away from each other.  Get your school to totally tune into the Christian Music Arena that broadcasts from JD Media Station on Juniper.  Since becoming associated with the SGs and being cured of my cancer, I’m one of the regular singers on Juniper.  I have CDs and everything, so totally check me out on social media like you should have already, ha ha.  Okay, so, about the blue rocks…”

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