“Okay, Faye,” he says, “we’re in line, waiting for the next song, when bats infest the stage and turn everyone into, I don’t know, flowers.  We have a limited time to get out of the way, but we have to decide if we can stop and undo this nightmare or just pray we ourselves can even make it out alive.  What do we do, Faye?  What do we do?”

    Faye cheerfully leans over and starts with her patented answer, “We die together,” before seriously thinking of her answer.  “If we are hiding from bats that change people, then we’d better hide well, because bats are known for crawling into every place I could think of us immediately trying to hide right off the, heh, bat.  Um,” she thinks as she chews the gum she got from the candy-verse, “I hate to harm an animal, so a forcefield would be the best bet.  That way, we wouldn’t even have to hide, unless the beasts were strong enough to damage our shield.  What kind of bats are these?  Can we use something to throw off their sonar?  Distract them with some type of fruit?  Why flowers?  I hate to admit defeat, Entie, baby, but I think I’d need more information.  There are just too many variables to do anything more than get ourselves out.  Yes, that is the unfortunate answer.  Sometimes, it is best to live to fight another day.”

    Upon receiving this good advice, Ent says that he will remember those words the next time Faye charges at him with the boy not knowing if his girl’s going to break his kneecaps like earlier.

    “Oh, please!” Faye laughs, “You know I could never hurt you, Elfie.”

    “Ah,” Ent says, “Much better.  Faye, you and Gi are among the exceptions to still calling me that.”

    Not long after Faye and Elfie’s little moment, the team ends up in a lonely swamp where a small shack can be seen among the drooping trees that adorn the murky water.  As the class makes it a point to hover over everything, they hear the voice of a large machine in the distance saying, “Identification: System Guard Duplica of Dogwood Galaxy.  Hi.”

    As the kids look through the trees behind the cabin, they discover there are more giants to meet during this trip.  They hear Duplica yelling at this blue mini-mountain, “Hey, Friend!  Where’s your brother and sister-in-law?”  This gets some attention.

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