The other giant concurs.  “I’m Moley, and this is Nom Noms.  Our other friends are around somewhere, but Lady Duplica figured we could only fit so many of us in one place without denying you guys the full effect of our height.”  I’ll point out, by the way, that these two ladies have normal sounding female voices rather than the monstrous giant voices.  Their volume is just much greater because of their size.

    “Your name is so cute, Nom Noms,” says Faye.  “I love it!”

    Mercy would agree, but she’s always too jealous around the XL crowd to be of any conversational profit to the situation.

    “Well, I guess it is a cute nickname, he he!  Thanks!”  The big girl follows this with a cheesy smile.

    “Nickname, huh?” asks Faye.  “How in the worlds did you ever get that name?”

    Crossing her arms as she goes into story mode, Nom explains, “Well, you see, I suppose you would call me my universe’s equivalent to Keb.  It’s just that some pesky villagers were bugging me, and since these villagers happened to be from one of the rare tribes of tiny people in our storyboard, I…uh…well…”

    Leading her friends in a gasp of horror, Faye asks, “You didn’t eat them, did you?!”

    “Noooooo,” Nom says, rolling her eyes, “I pretended to, putting a handful of villagers in my mouth, but instantly thought, ‘This is murder.  These freaks taste like dirt.’ So, I quickly proceeded to spit them all into the nearby ocean.  Don’t worry though; they all survived.  I counted to make sure.”

    With a nervous laugh, Kammy asks, “Can we just call you Keb then, or XL Keb or something not related to eating people?”

    Giggling like a chipmunk, Nom asks, “Okay, take a vote, what are you calling me?”

    Moley gives her say, “Let’s call you Pearlie.”

    “I didn’t ask for your vote,” Nom insists.

    “Well, I’m giving it!  We’ll call you Pearlie!” demands Moley with a stomp of the foot, causing the kids to fall over.  They conclude it’s safer to hover.

    “Moley,” says Nom, “stop being rude.  We have guests in our universe, and you want to steal the show.  Would you think of the kids and not be a glory hog?”  Nom finishes her scolding by pulling on the bottom of her eyelid.

    “Well, that was mature,” Paul whispers to Kammy.

    Display her great hearing, Nom hastily shakes her hands in front of her as she apologizes to Paul.  “Sorry, sorry!  That was childish of me to make faces.”  She gives a look of disdain to Mole and says, “I shouldn’t have sunk to her level.”

    “Well fine,” says Moley with her arms crossed and looking away.  “Sorry, children.  Go ahead and vote.  I might like one of your suggestions.”  Then looking back and winking at the teens, she says, “But let me know if you like Pearlie, he he!”

    Sensing a chance for education, Duplica tells the kids to think of a name while she asks the hosts some questions.  “Moley, we learned that Nom is XL Keb, as if she couldn’t just tell us what her name is, which now has me curious.  You’ve been to the other storyboards.  What equivalent are you?”

    “That’s easy!” cries Moley.  “I’m the XL equivalent of System Guard Purlie!”

    “Really, Moley?” says Gigi.  “You wanted to call Nom Noms Pearlie when you’re the interdimensional twin of a Purlie?  MM-hmm.”

    Moley adamantly explains, “No, no, that’s not it.  I took one look at Nom’s white dress, leggings and cute boots and thought of a white pearl, honest!”

    “See?!” Kammy blurts out.  “I’m not the only one with the problem!”  She yells to Moley, “It’s okay, I say things without thinking, too, Moley.”

    “Aw, I’m glad you understand, but you don’t have to shout, dear.”

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